8 Best Unfinished Butcher Block Slabs under $200 in 2022 – Guide and Review

What are the best unfinished butcher block slabs under? How do I select the best unfinished butcher block slabs? Where to find butcher block countertops near me? Where to buy cheap butcher block or discount butcher block countertops? What is a 4×8 butcher block? Who are the best butcher block countertop suppliers?

Our best picks


1• Daddy Chef End Grain Wood cutting board – Wood Chopping block – Large cutting board 20 x 12 Kitchen butcher block cutting board with feet – Kitchen Wooden chopping board (DT 20 x 12) – OVERALL BEST UNFINISHED BUTCHER BLOCK SLABS


Key Pros

✔Premium build quality

✔Assorted sizes, dimensions

✔Extensively versatile

✔Restores and protects the wood surface

✔Convenient side handles

✔Anti-slip feet

Daddy Chef cutting board exhibits premium build quality from top quality oak hardwood and the use of legally approved glue to create an excellent premium cutting board. Daddy Chef cutting board is available in convenient dimensions from as large as 20” x 12” x 2” to as small as 12” x 8” x 1”. This range of dimensions gives the user plenty of cutting boards to select from depending on the scale of their use.

Daddy Chef cutting board is extensively versatile for many chopping tasks including carving brisket, beef, pork, ribs, turkey, fresh organic green vegetable platters with brie, dip, cheddar, and prosciutto.  Daddy Chef cutting board can be used as a meat cutting board, fruit cutting board, vegetable chopping board, cheese board, serving tray, dressing board, and many other uses.

Daddy Chef cutting board shows outstanding functional quality with its wood fabric restoration and protection mechanism. Daddy Chef cutting board has the grain pattern specially designed to self hydrate while at the same time securely seal the wood surface. This way the butcher block remains protected from water and other common solvents which prevents drying and cracking that otherwise ruin butcher block life.

Daddy Chef cutting board is an easy-to-use butcher block and comes with handy, convenient side handles — you do not have to tilt your butcher block on one side to firm the grip which often results in spilling of your juices. Additionally, the side handles make Daddy Chef cutting boards an excellent serving tray in the dining room – you chop and serve all in one butcher block.

Also, Daddy Chef cutting board is easy to use due to the installation of anti-sleep feet which are key to ensuring your countertop surface on which you plan to place Daddy Chef cutting board is free from scratches and bruises. The anti-slip feet are also instrumental in significantly reducing sliding on the table due to some chopping tasks that might require extra pressure or impact.

2• SoulFino Bamboo Butcher Block – Cutting Board, Reversible with Juice Groove and Handles – Maximum Health Benefits and Low Maintenance – Extra Large Size, Nice and Thick


Key Pros

✔Easy to use


✔Lifetime guarantee

✔Extra Food safe

✔Strong Build Quality

✔Resistant to stains, warps, scratches 

SoulFino Bamboo Butcher Block is an easy-to-use butcher block with a super deep juice groove to conveniently collect your juices without creating a big mess on the table. SoulFino has handles to conveniently lift and serve meals on the butcher block.

Enjoy great service with SoulFino by having a lifetime guarantee for your butcher block. SoulFino Bamboo Butcher Block has a strong build quality capable of holding any chunk of meat without flexing in the middle. Your chopping work is therefore organized and easy.

SoulFino is also resistant to warp, scratches, stains, knife scars, and cracks.

SoulFino Bamboo Butcher Block is made of high-quality bamboo wood for a healthy family bringing the naturalness of wood that maintains its cleanliness. Consider SoulFino Bamboo Butcher Block extra food-safe compared to other less premium (plastic) butcher block materials.

SoulFino Bamboo Butcher Block is versatile for use anywhere be it at the counter, kitchen island, or on your table.

3• WoodForChef – Large Wood End Grain Cutting Board for Kitchen – A Must Have Butcher Block for Meat – An Essential Chopping Board for Cheese and Vegetables (16 in. x 12 in. x 1.5 in, Hard Maple)


Key Pros

✔Extra Durable surface

✔Reduced Knife Dulling

✔Convenient Handles

✔Natural Maple Color

WoodForChef employs the end grain type of grain to create an extraordinarily durable butcher block surface which is often associated with zero wearing and excellent masking out of knife marks. This way your countertop remains elegant looking for a long time.

WoodForChef brings an easy-to-use chopping interface by allowing knives to piece through the grain smoothly meaning your knives remain sharp for a significantly longer time compared to plastic or glass butcher blocks.

Additionally, WoodForChef has convenient handles on the suede of the width which are handy when lifting and serving.

WoodForChef exhibits amazing aesthetics with its Maple’s neutral color and subtle grain which are a natural color blend for any kitchen space.

WoodForChef is 100% Food Safe and uses 100% food-safe resources from its production including glues and wood planks – have a piece of mind when chopping vegetables or meat.

4• John Boos Block Chop-N-Slice Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 16 Inches x 10 Inches x 1 Inch


Key Pros

✔Lightweight – Easy to lift

✔Reversible chopping surface

✔Extremely versatile

✔Renowned Butcher Block SUpplier

✔Available in many sizes

While measuring 16″x 10″ x 1 Inch Boos Chop-N-Slice butcher block is still easy to use due to its featherweight that makes cleaning, lifting, and storing easy — usable by all family members.

Boos Chop-N-Slice butcher block is a reversible chopping surface that allows users to use either side — handy when slicing meat and vegetables at the same time. Boos Chop-N-Slice are versatile and applicable in several different chopping situations including all types of meat and vegetables. Enjoy class and premium feel when using Boos Chop-N-Slice — a renowned butcher block supplier offering quality chopping surfaces around the world.

5• Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards, (Set of 3) Chopping Boards with Juice Groove Organic Bamboo Wood Cutting Board Set Butcher Block for Kitchen, End Grain Serving Tray by Kikcoin


Key Pros

✔3 set butcher blocks

✔Included Board rack

✔Strong and Durable

✔Creatively Designed Side Handles

✔Rounded corners for scratch resistance

✔Deep Juice Grooves

Kikcoin 3 set Boards have the following dimensions to suit all of your food chopping and service needs.

⚪ XL: 17.0*12.0*1.0 inch – Best for meat, steak

⚪ L: 14.0*10.0*1.0 inch – Best for vegetable

⚪ M: 10.0*7.1*0.8 inch – Best for fruit

Kikcoin 3 set Boards come with a board rack for easy storage. Kikcoin 3 set Boards are extremely durable – the unique splicing craft and the four-layer thickening design are stronger and more durable than ordinary cutting boards, not easy to crack. Each board is made by highly skilled woodworkers and is meticulously constructed with attention to detail. Kikcoin 3 set Boards is 100% food safe using only organic bamboo wood and zero toxins and 0% BPA residues.

Kikcoin 3 set Boards have an innovative design to creatively hide the side handles – a move that takes significantly less space than other designs. Also, the rounded corners make the Kikcoin 3 set Boards less susceptible to scratches. Kikcoin 3 set Boards have deep juice grooves allowing you to chop big chunks of meat, or even grate juicy fruits. Thus you can keep your work area clean and beautiful even during the busiest cooking time.

6• Totally Bamboo Big Kahuna Butcher Block, 24″ x 18″ – BEST HEAVY DUTY UNFINISHED BUTCHER BLOCK SLABS


Key Pros

✔Bamboo is gentler on knives than plastic and easier to clean and maintain than hardwood — it cleans quickly with hand washing in warm water.

✔For heavy-duty food preparation

✔Masterfully Crafted and stylish

✔Raise chopping board with anti-skid feet

✔Easy to clean

Big Kahuna is a strong butcher block built for heavy-duty chopping and stands at 2-1/4 inches thick, meaning it can accommodate all the chopping and food preparation needs of any kitchen.

Big Kahuna is a masterfully Crafted Butcher Block and therefore doubles as a stylish serving board for charcuterie and appetizers.

Big Kahuna is a raised butcher block with feet that make it easy for guests to grab delicious treats while at the same time offering steady support on the countertop when chopping foods that require high pressure or impact or foods which require precise slices.

Big Kahuna is an easy-to-clean butcher block and only requires a simple hand wash or wipe with a damp kitchen towel.

7• Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove – Kitchen Chopping Board for Meat (Butcher Block) Cheese and Vegetables (XL 18 x 12″)


Key Pros

✔Easy to clean

✔Extensively versatile

✔Knife friendly


✔Deep juice grooves

✔Resistant to splinters, cracks, or peeling.

Royal Bamboo Board is extensively versatile with its reversible sides that offer great functionality. Royal Bamboo Board has convenient side handles which are easy to grab and make lifting and serving easy. 

Royal Bamboo Board is knife friendly, being extra durable but flexible enough to easily accommodate knife slices and thus does not dull knives as quickly as other less premium chopping surfaces.

Royal Bamboo Board has a groove for capturing juices and therefore leaves your countertop super clean — it is, therefore, ideal for all kinds of foods from fruits, vegetables, and meat. With a robust structure, it will stick to your countertops without sliding or tilting, allowing you to express your culinary skills to the fullest.

Royal Bamboo Board is made of high-quality non-porous bamboo wood which is instrumental in making the butcher block absorb little liquid which in turn makes the butcher block surface resistant to splinters, cracks, or peeling.

8• Heim Concept Organic Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen Extra Large Chopping Board with Juicy Groove Perfect for Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, Cheese (18x12x3/4)


Key Pros


✔Strong and Durable


✔Drip Grooves

✔Easy to clean

Heim Bamboo Board is a lightweight but super strong and durable butcher block made from high-quality Moso Bamboo. Bamboo is stronger and denser than maple wood, giving you a long-lasting cutting board that will never crack or splinter.

Heim Bamboo Board is a versatile butcher block with reversible sides. On the one side, there is a drip groove that captures juices and is ideal for a juicy steak, fruits, and vegetables. On the other side, there is a flat and smooth surface which is perfect for bread or pastries.

Heim Bamboo Board is resistant to splitting and warping. It’s also easy to clean only requires warm water and soap and air drying.



Go for slabs with military-grade durability which bruise and scratch significantly less than ordinary slabs. Durable unfinished butcher block slabs resist wearing by common solvents including water, vegetable, and meat juices. Also, they are unaffected by hot substrates meaning you can chop hot food smoothly without the slab surface warping.


Unfinished butcher block slabs come in various sizes; lengths, widths, and heights. It is upon you to choose the ideal size that’s convenient for your use. Generally, if you want to chop many things or want to chope everything on the butcher block while pushing them to one side, then you need a large unfinished butcher block slab about from 16- 20” in length. For a small family without many tasks, a 12” long slab is excellent.


Some butcher blocks are specially built for specific tasks be it vegetable chopping, carving meat, etc. However, the best value from an unfinished butcher block slab is having the block useful in as many situations as possible. This way you will have killed several birds with a single stone without having to acquire a new slab for each specific task. Look for slabs that support multi-functionality.


Look for added features to the plain butcher block which make it easy and convenient to use. For example, anti-slip feet make the block steady when applying pressure while reducing scratches and bruises on the working table. Side handles make carrying and serving on the butcher block a whole lot easier. Juice grooves collect juices allowing you to avoid wetting the table surface.

Also, maintenance costs should be affordable and easy to manage – cleaning should be easy and effective to avoid the multiplication of bacteria.


We recommend premium-built wood for your unfinished butcher block slabs. It is wood which rhymes with an excellent chopping experience due to features like self-restoration and protection which retain the aesthetic and functional quality of your butcher block surface.


What is a 4×8 butcher block?

A 4×8 butcher block is a slab measuring 4 feet (ft) by 8 feet (ft) (1.2 meters x 2.4 meters). 4×8 butcher blocks can come in different thicknesses.

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Best butcher block countertop suppliers

Daddy Chef



John Boos


Totally Bamboo


Heim Concept


Choosing the best unfinished butcher block slabs requires that you look keenly into build quality and durability, surface quality, ease of use, dimensions, and versatility.

Hoping you found where to buy cheap butcher block! Leave a comment!