5 Best Pro Marine Epoxy for Tumblers under $150 2022 – Guide and Review

Which is the Best Pro Marine Epoxy for Tumblers? Is pro marine epoxy food safe? Is pro marine epoxy FDA compliant? What should you watch out for when selecting the Best Pro Marine Epoxy for Tumblers?

We did a great article recently on Best FDA Approved Epoxy for Tumblers and mentioned just one Pro Marine Epoxy.

Here we dive into the rest of the relevant epoxy resins manufactured by Pro Marine Supplies giving you a vast choice of the best epoxy for tumblers from a single brand.


A tumbler is a drinkware made of glass, ceramic, or any other utensil material but one that lacks a stem or handle. If a tumbler was to drop, the tumbler could roll, ‘tumble,’ spilling all its contents.

Tumblers are commonly made from plastic, metal, glass, or ceramic. Pro Marine epoxy bonds excellently onto metallic surfaces and poorly on plastic surfaces.

Glass and ceramic are also wonderful materials but have the disadvantage of high heat absorbance undesired if you are planning on serving hot drinks.


Pro Marine is short for Pro Marine Supplies which is a US-based manufacturer of excellent epoxy resins for different kinds of projects.

Pro Marine epoxy resins are sometimes specific for certain projects and there are a few that tick all the criteria for best epoxy for tumblers.


1∙1♚ ProMarine Supplies Art Resin – 1 Gal Pro Art Resin Kit – Art Resin Epoxy Clear – Easy to Use and Non-Toxic Formula – High Gloss Intense Shine – Ideal for Photography, Wood, Artwork – BEST PRO MARINE EPOXY FOR TUMBLERS

Key Pros

✔FDA approved
✔Super glossy | Intense Shine
✔Color compatibility and retention
✔Easy to mix, use
✔Durable designs
✔UV resistant

ProMarine Supplies Art Resin is built for the epoxy artist. It’s all about giving your epoxy tumbler that great look, making it stand out in terms of sleekness and craftsmanship.

ProMarine Supplies Art Resin gives a stunning glossy look that is top-notch. After the epoxy cures expect it to excellently reflect light from various angles bringing interest into the epoxy tumbler design.

ProMarine Supplies Art Resin assures you of an intense shine that is everlasting. Design your epoxy tumblers for a grand display on your utensil rack for a long time. lasting the test of time.

Enjoy the ease of use with ProMarine Supplies Art Resin that features a simple 1:1 mix ratio. This way beginners, as well as professionals, can use this epoxy resin for tumblers.

Make everlasting designs that can stand the test of time with ProMarine Supplies Art Resin.

ProMarine Supplies Art Resin contains UV-resistant formulations that ensure the color accuracy of your tints and stains maintaining the relevance and craft of your epoxy tumbler design.

Take advantage of ProMarine Supplies Art Resin’s versatility using epoxy not only for your tumbler project but for a wide range of projects especially epoxy art projects. Kill several birds with a single stone.

Pro marine epoxy heat resistance is top-notch allowing you to store hot liquids for a long time.

1.2∙ ProMarine Supplies Art Resin –16 Oz. Kit Pro Art Resin Kit – Art Resin Epoxy Clear – Easy to Use and Non-Toxic Formula – High Gloss Intense Shine – Ideal for Photography, Wood, Artwork – BEST PRO MARINE EPOXY FOR SMALL TUMBLERS PROJECTS

Have the flexibility to choose from a range of volumes in which ProMarine Supplies Art Resin comes. Choose the ideal volume based on the scale of your epoxy tumblers project.

With 16 Oz of ProMarine Supplies Art Resin, you are assured of completing your small epoxy tumbler project especially if it is not for commercial use.

2.1∙ Pro Marine Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating for Wood Tabletop – 1 Gallon Kit – BEST PRO MARINE EPOXY FOR WOOD TUMBLERS

Key Pros

✔FDA approved
✔Compatible with wood and glass
✔Super Durable
✔Crystal Clear and Super Glossy Finish
✔Tint Compatible

Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy is FDA approved and ticks all of the criteria for the best epoxy for tumblers.

Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy is specifically built for wooden projects in our current case wood tumblers but is also compatible with common materials such as glassware tumblers.

Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy has special ingredients that make it bond excellently to wood surfaces.

The result is a durable epoxy tumbler capable of withstanding normal daily use while increasing the life of the epoxy tumbler.

Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy forms a crystal clear surface after curing. It is this feature that you want to take advantage of when revealing the details of the texture, color, and decor on the wood tumbler.

Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy shines to a super-glossy finish. You can expect it to reflect light wonderfully from any angle bringing interest in the epoxy tumbler when in lit spaces.

Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy is color compatible with common dyes, tints, and stains. You can hence tap into the 16,000,000 color palette of pigments to make a custom tint for your epoxy. 

Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy is easy to use with its self-leveling formula and s simple 1:1 mix ratio that is friendly to beginners and pros alike. Achieve consistent thickness with Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy regardless of your skill level.

2.2∙ Pro MarineCrystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating For Wood Tabletop – 2 Quart Kit – BEST PRO MARINE EPOXY FOR SMALL WOOD TUMBLERS PROJECTS

Choose this for small scale tumblers where the quantity of tumblers is low or the frequency of application is occasional.

Small epoxy resins are economical and avoid wastage of resources in the epoxy resin budget.

3∙ Pro Marine Supplies ProPour Epoxy Resin – Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin – Deep Pour Epoxy Resin for Castings and Artworks – Liquid Glass Epoxy for Large Castings and Coatings – Wet Gloss Finish – BEST PRO MARINE DEEP POUR EPOXY FOR WOOD TUMBLERS


Key Pros

✔FDA approved
✔1.5” Deep Pour
✔UV resistant
✔Extra Durable
✔Color compatibility and stability
✔Easy to use

Pro Marine ProPour Epoxy cures to a super strong coating whose bond integrity remains intact for a long time. The resulting epoxy surface can withstand damage, impact, scratches, and heat.

Pro Marine ProPour Epoxy is UV resistant enabling you to use it for tumblers that you could carry outdoors.

You can achieve significant degrees of slowed yellowing when epoxy tumblers are used outdoors retaining the color accuracy of your epoxy tumbler design for a long time.

Pro Marine ProPour Epoxy is a deep pour epoxy with a maximum pour depth of 1.5”. With such a maximum pour thickness it is possible to mold your own casts and form 100% epoxy tumblers.

Although epoxy only serves as a material for coating the surfaces of tumblers, Pro Marine ProPour Epoxy allows you to take your DIY game higher by creating excellent 100% epoxy tumbler projects.

Pro Marine ProPour Epoxy assures users of a bubble-free experience which is a problem when pouring common deep pour epoxy resin.

With Pro Marine ProPour Epoxy you can avoid bubbles forming on your tumblers, bubbles that reduce the craftsmanship and aesthetic quality of the epoxy tumbler.

Pro Marine ProPour Epoxy is compatible with various stains enabling you to choose any color while at the same time distributing the coloring evenly in the epoxy to ensure amazing mixing and great aesthetic quality.

Pro Marine ProPour Epoxy cures to an ultra-clear and glossy finish that is ideal for tumblers given the sleekness and craftsmanship required to make outstanding tumblers.

Pro Marine ProPour Epoxy is easy to use and a beginner-friendly epoxy resin for tumblers. Coupled with the convenient bubble-free property is the self-leveling capability which allows beginners to achieve consistent thickness and ease when applying along the cylindrical face of most tumblers.


Below are the key features you will need to keenly watch out for when selecting the best Pro Marine epoxy for tumblers in the epoxy marketplace.


Carefully read the Pro Marine Epoxy manual and epoxy label of the epoxy resin you wish to purchase.

Look for the FDA compliance claim in Pro Marine’s product description on the E-commerce website you seek to purchase from.

Look for keywords like:

‣ . . . in accordance with CFR Title 21, Part 175.300, and 175.105

‣ FDA compliant Pro Marine Epoxy

‣ Food Safe Pro Marine Epoxy

‣ Food and Beverage Safe Epoxy

On Pro Marine Supplies’ Official website, there exists great information on the food safety and FDA compliance of their products. Particularly, there are 2 articles (This one and This one) that vividly declare Pro Marine’s intention and caution to produce the safest of epoxy resin.

Why use FDA approved epoxy for tumblers?

For a Pro Marine epoxy resin to be considered as FDA approved, the epoxy resin must conform to the requirements of Title 21 CFR 175 sbs 105 & 300 as outlined by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

The strict primary requirements for FDA approval of epoxy are:

1∙ The epoxy should not emit any smell or taste to the beverage or food inside the tumbler.

2∙ Only negligible or zero traces of elements that are not crosslinked to the food or epoxy are allowed to be emitted.

3∙ The food or beverage in the tumbler cannot have its composition altered after coming into contact with the epoxy surface on the tumbler.

4∙ The epoxy you select for tumblers should NOT pose any human health risk upon contact or even consumption of the contents of the tumbler.

All these requirements ensure that the Pro Marine epoxy for tumblers that you select is risk-free and has no potential hazard to human health.


Although a self-leveling capability is not a compulsory feature, the feature is important when spreading Pro Marine epoxy over the cylindrical face of the tumbler.

You do not have to use a spatula or extra solvents to achieve consistent thickness.

Also, in case you use a brush or spatula, with the self-leveling capability you can mask out the unsightly waveforms that could form.


When working with an FDA approved epoxy you are assured of eco-friendliness but it is important to check for further details on:

0% VOCs

0% Redlist elements

0% odor

‣ 0% toxic elements

Bio-content ingredients


Waterproof Pro Marine epoxy resin is resistant to water and common solvents will ensure that your epoxy tumblers last for a very long time as you continue taking your food and beverages.

Shock and impact resistant FDA approved epoxy will ensure your epoxy tumbler can sustain the common dropping.

Scratch and abrasion resistance will allow you to clean the inside and outside of your epoxy tumbler without leaving significant marks on the surface.

UV resistance will give you the advantage of using your Pro Marine epoxy resin outdoors without running the risk of rapid yellowing and fading, all of which degrade the aesthetic quality of epoxy tumblers.


You must have access to the full information regarding how you will mix, pour, and cure your Pro Marine epoxy.

Pro Marine Supplies have detailed manuals bundled in the product, instructions available on their Official Website, and even video tutorials on several platforms detailing how to achieve the best FDA compliance.

Do make sure that you follow these instructions to the letter depending on the scale and configuration of your tumbler project as you are dealing with a project whose defect could lead to deterioration of human health.


The above information is meant to give you a detailed insight into making a wise purchase when going for the best pro marine epoxy for tumblers. The primary factors to watch out for in Pro Marine epoxy for tumblers are FDA compliance, Extra Durability, Self-leveling capability, Instructions for use, and Eco-Friendliness.

Our best picks are well researched and scientifically proven product reviews to ensure you coat your tumbler with the best selection of Pro Marine epoxy. Choose from the different models that cover specific features in the different kinds of tumbler projects.

All the best in making tumblers using Pro Marine epoxy for tumblers!