4 Best One Part Epoxy for Metal under $25 2022 – Guide and Review

What is the best one part epoxy for metal? What is a one part epoxy? How should I wisely select the best one part epoxy for metal in the market? What are the advantages of using one part epoxy for metal?


One part epoxy, one-component epoxy, or single component epoxy are epoxy resins with all ingredients mixed in a single tube and requiring special conditions including thermal regulation to activate the curing.

A special ingredient called initiator in the one part epoxy resin is added to induce the hardening reaction after being exposed to heat. You can use an oven for full epoxy curing.

Ultraviolet light-curing epoxies are also available in one-component versions.


1∙ Blue Magic 16002TRI QuikSteel Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty Repair, Blister Pack – BEST FOOD SAFE ONE PART EPOXY FOR METAL


Key Pros

✔Incredible water resistance
✔Can set underwater
✔Food and drink safe
✔Short setting and curing time
✔Compatible with all metals and several other surfaces (wood, plastic, etc)
✔High thermal resistance

Blue Magic 16002TRI is 100% water resistant allowing it to cure even underwater. Some metalwork designs may involve water features and this is where you may want to join or repair a piece of metal and  Blue Magic 16002TRI is an excellent choice.

Blue Magic 16002TRI exhibits outstanding thermal resistance being able to withstand high temperatures of up to 250˚C. This thermal resistance will allow you to install Blue Magic 16002TRI even on heat sinks, outdoor pieces, cookery, and workshop heaters where there is high heat.

Blue Magic 16002TRI is a fast setting one part epoxy setting within less than 15 minutes while taking 1 hour to fully cure for full functional use.

Blue Magic 16002TRI is a versatile one-part epoxy since it bonds to other common surfaces apart from metal including wood, fiberglass, ceramic, PVC, and plastic.

This feature is crucial for hobbyists who might be considering one-part epoxy for metal but are bonding the existing metallic surface with another surface.

Blue Magic 16002TRI if food safe. Repair food serving, washing, or cooking areas and utensils with Blue Magic 16002TRI. The combination of water resistance and food safety allows you to use Blue Magic 16002TRI in metallic dishwashing sinks.

Blue Magic 16002TRI results in a durable surface that can be manipulated with drilling, cutting, and cracking. Elevate the aesthetics of your metalwork project since you can achieve your desired dimension or design form using Blue Magic 16002TRI.

2∙ MG Chemicals 9510 One-Part Epoxy Potting Compound, Heat Cure Only, 30mL Cartridge – BEST LONG LIFE ONE PART EPOXY FOR METAL



Key Pros

✔Wide range of service temperature
✔Long shelf life
✔Extended shelf life (Frozen)
✔Low minimum cure temperature
✔High strength epoxy
✔Durable epoxy
✔Relatively Fast curing

MG Chemicals 9510 offers a wide range of service temperatures from between -65 to 150°C covering a high majority of use situations if not all for your metalwork. Regardless of the temperature of the environment and the space in which you want to install MG Chemicals 9510, you will be covered.

MG Chemicals 9510 will last you long if you want to use the epoxy occasionally and want it to retain its quality. MG Chemicals 9510 boasts of up to 12 months of shelf life with no loss in quality at room temperature; even when you have no access to freezing facilities.

In addition, MG Chemicals 9510 can last even further when you have access to freezing facilities allowing you to achieve longer shelf life which is highly economical to your epoxy resin budget.

Enjoy the advantage of a low minimum cure temperature of 80°C which is quicker to achieve and less energy demanding than other common one part epoxy resins whose minimum cure temperature is 100°C.

Like all one part epoxy resins, MG Chemicals 9510 is easy to use and conveniently dispenses the epoxy onto the metallic surface on which you want to install it.

The key advantage here is the dispensing gin that allows metalworking enthusiasts to even increase the ease with which they pour MG Chemicals 9510.

Also, achieve a relatively fast full cure of under 65 minutes with MG Chemicals 9510 with excellent bonding and without cracks and gels.

MG Chemicals 9510 is a high-strength epoxy for metal exhibiting high tensile strength of 2800 pounds per square inch and significant compressive strength.

Tensile strength is critical in indicating the integrity of the bond with metal and the durability of the epoxy when exposed to pressure, shock, scratch, abrasion, and common solvents.

3∙ Blue Magic 18003TRI ThermoSteel High-Temp Metal Repair – 3 oz. – BEST HIGH TEMP RESISTANT ONE PART EPOXY FOR METAL



Key Pros
✔Super Extreme Thermal Resistance
✔Unwavering bond integrity
✔100% Waterproof – Marine Grade

Blue Magic 18003TRI is built to survive extreme heat.

The key advantage of Blue Magic 18003TRI is the extremity of its thermal resistance up to 1300℃ | 2400℉.

Go beyond the ordinary high temperatures of heat sinks to extremely hot environments in automotive repair and even truck maintenance. 

Choose Blue Magic 18003TRI to offer you incredible bonding without losing the bond integrity even in superhot environs.

Blue Magic 18003TRI is 100% waterproof and is ideal for marine applications. Blue Magic 18003TRI is exceedingly important here in situations where the hot liquid is held in a metallic container which you want to perform the metal repair.

4∙ Blue Magic 6022K QuikSteel Metal Tank Repair Kit – BEST ONE PART EPOXY FOR METAL TANKS


Key Pros
✔NSF certified – For drinking water
✔Quick repair
✔No need of draining tank during the repair

Blue Magic 6022K is an excellent choice for metal tanks.

Owing to its drinking water safety, NSF certification,  you are guaranteed safe water free from toxins, odor, or different tastes.

Blue Magic 6022K repairs metallic tanks back to form quickly in minutes. The working mechanism of Blue Magic 6022K is rapid and allows you to save water from running out of a tank. You can thus make a permanent repair with contents inside the tank and no need to first drain out your drinking water.


Finding the best one part epoxy for metal for your project requires one to carefully consider the following key criteria:

1• HIGH THERMAL RESISTANCE EPOXY – Metals are generally good heat conductors, and as such, when using the one part epoxy for metal, epoxy surfaces are highly likely to be heat sinks.

If the one part epoxy for metal has a high thermal resistance, then the bond will likely be put under extreme thermal pressure WITHOUT compromising the integrity of the bond.

2• SHORT SETTING AND CURING TIME – Using one part for metal is often just a part of a project. Therefore, It is advantageous to find a one-part epoxy with a short setting time below 7 hours and a short functional curing time within 24 hours.

3• SUBSTANTIAL FLASHPOINT – Around 200˚F (93˚C) is about the minimum temperature at which the epoxy vapor could ignite if given an ignition source. This feature may practically overcome the need for an overwhelmingly low thermal resistance.

4• HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH – About 2000 psi tensile for epoxy is adequate for strong one part epoxy for metal or any other high strength epoxy. If a one-part epoxy possesses this feature, it means it will be exceedingly difficult to scratch, tilt or break even when the epoxy bond is put to the test.

5• LOW CURING TEMPERATURE – It is important to take the advantage of innovations in the manufacture of one part epoxy systems. Look for the ability to cure around 80℃ which is a relatively lower temperature that saves time and energy in your metalwork project.

6• HIGH SHELF-LIFE ONE PART EPOXY – Often one part epoxy goes bad due to high-temperature storage. If frozen, one part epoxy could last long but you need a one-part epoxy that indicates insignificant loss of epoxy quality for a long time even when you cannot access freezing facilities.


1∙ Rigid and High Strength epoxy – Whether acting as coatings, castings, or even adhesives one part epoxy resins bond excellently well on compatible surfaces ensuring tough and durable surfaces with extreme resilience.

2∙ Military-grade durable epoxy – Regardless of the environmental conditions, the integrity of the bond created with one part epoxy resins is unshakeable surviving the extremes of low and high temperatures, humidity, and common solvents.

3∙ Trendy Innovations in epoxy – Often, one part epoxy requires thermal stimulation to activate curing ingredients. Therefore, you will require a source of heat energy to create a high-temperature environment. In addition, time is required to make this heating step.

A great innovation for one part epoxy systems is the capability of curing at relatively lower temperatures. 

4∙ Flexible and Impact Resistant Epoxy – One part epoxy results in a flexible material ideal for bonding to plastics, and movable metallic parts. Besides, the surface is impact resistant to banging, dropping, and pressure.

5∙ Ready to use epoxy | ONE PART EPOXY VS TWO PART EPOXY | – Since one part epoxy systems neither require mixing nor sticking to strict ratios nor degassing, they are the best easy to use epoxy resins especially for beginners.

It is this great advantage of convenience and ease of use that gives one part epoxy a significant edge over two part epoxy.

6∙ Electrical Conductivity or insulation – Combine metallic parts and wires either while insulating your electrical currents and create optically clear surfaces over wires and electric current hubs.


One Part epoxy for metal is still relevant despite its low sale volumes. The advantages of using one part epoxy for metal are that its high strength, flexibility, electrical conductivity, convenient, and easy to use and cope with innovations in the epoxy resin industry. Although not all epoxy resins listed will meet the criteria for selecting the best one part epoxy for metal, our best picks give you the products we have assessed to fit all of your metalwork needs.