4 Best FDA Approved Epoxy for Tumblers under $60 2022 – Guide and Review

Which epoxy is FDA approved for use on tumblers? What kind of epoxy is used on tumblers? Is there a food safe epoxy? Can you use any epoxy on tumblers? Is it safe to drink from epoxy tumblers? What is the best resin for tumblers?


A tumbler is a drinkware made of glass, ceramic, or any other utensil material but one that lacks a stem or handle. If a tumbler were to drop, the tumbler could roll, ‘tumble,’ spilling all its contents.

Tumblers are commonly made from plastic, metal, glass, or ceramic. Epoxy bonds excellently onto metallic surfaces and poorly on plastic surfaces.

Glass and ceramic are also wonderful materials but have the disadvantage of high heat absorbance undesired if you are planning on serving hot drinks.


For an epoxy resin to be considered as FDA approved, the epoxy must conform to the requirements of Title 21 CFR 175 sbs 105 & 300 as outlined by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


1∙♚ MAX CLR Epoxy Resin System -Direct Contact Food Safe Coating, FDA Compliant High Gloss, Chemical Resistant, Crystal Clear Coating 4 Bar Tops & Tabletops & Wood Lathed Cups & Bowls- Clear Casting Resin – OVERALL BEST FDA APPROVED EPOXY FOR TUMBLERS

Key Pros

✔FDA approved
✔Widely Compatible
✔Easy to use
✔Low viscosity [Anti-bubbling]

MAX CLR Epoxy is an FDA compliant epoxy resin ideal for food and beverage in your tumbler. Have your drink or popcorn stress-free after following the instructions of applying MAX CLR Epoxy on tumblers.

MAX CLR Epoxy is easy to use even for beginners since it only involves a 2:1 ratio of the epoxy to the hardener and comes bundles with 2 conveniently dispensing measuring cups and stirrers. You can get started with your tumbler right off the bat. 

MAX CLR Epoxy exhibits wide compatibility with a variety of tumbler materials including plastic, wood, and ceramic.

MAX CLR Epoxy has a viscosity of 860 cPs which is relatively low giving you the advantage of a low likelihood of bubble formation – a phenomenon that reduces the craftsmanship of the epoxy surface on tumblers.

MAX CLR Epoxy ensures your tumblers possess military-grade durability. You can afford to pour alcoholic, acidic, or alkaline drinks into your tumbler without wearing out. Also, you can afford t drop your tumblers from a safe distance without significant scratches.

2∙ FGCI Superclear Premium Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Pourable Resin, Food Safe Epoxy for Wood Tables, Concrete Countertop Sealers, Orgone Supplies, Epoxy Resin Molds 2 Part Epoxy Resin Kit – BEST UV RESISTANT FDA APPROVED EPOXY FOR TUMBLERS

Key Pros

✔FDA approved
✔Color Compatible
✔High UV resistance
✔Ultra-clear, super-glossy finish

Design your tumbler using any range of stains while using FGCI Superclear Premium. FGCI Superclear Premium is compatible with mica and pigment powder colorings, alcohol-based inks, and common dyes.

With tumblers you want this flexibility in customization to achieve a mug that not only holds your food or beverage but that also aligns with your looks and preferences.

If you are making epoxy tumblers on a larger scale then you have a range of colors to produce from that would fit different customer preferences.

FGCI Superclear Premium possesses the self-leveling capability allowing you to smear epoxy resin on your tumbler, have it evenly distributed along the cylindrical face, and mask out any spatula or brush marks.

FGCI Superclear Premium ensures your tumbler lasts long without cracks or breaks due to the excellent build quality of the surface upon curing.

FGCI Superclear Premium is scratch resistant meaning it can withstand the normal scrubbing marks incurred when washing.

FGCI Superclear Premium has a high UV resistance which is a handy feature if you are planning to use your tumbler outdoor or in rooms exposed to UV light. You can thus be assured of slowed yellowing which leaves your epoxy tumbler aesthetically appealing for a long time.

NOTE: All epoxy surfaces will yellow with time and what UV inhibitors do is slowing the degree of yellowing so that you can enjoy the sleekness of your epoxy surface for the longest time possible.

FGCI Superclear Premium features a picturesque super gloss that is beautiful. Even if you don’t want to tint your tumbler, you can significantly improve the appearance of your tumbler by giving it a crystal clear and shiny coating.

3∙ ProMarine Supplies Art Resin – Kit Pro Art Resin Kit – Art Resin Epoxy Clear – Easy to Use and Non-Toxic Formula – High Gloss Intense Shine – Ideal for Photography, Wood, Artwork – BEST FDA APPROVED ART EPOXY FOR TUMBLERS

Key Pros

✔FDA approved
✔Super glossy | Intense Shine
✔Color compatibility and retention
✔Easy to mix, use
✔Durable designs
✔UV resistant

ProMarine Supplies Art Resin is built for the epoxy artist. It’s all about giving your epoxy tumbler that great look, making it stand out in terms of sleekness and craftmanship.

ProMarine Supplies Art Resin gives a stunning glossy look that is top-notch. After the epoxy cures expect it to excellently reflect light from various angles bringing interest into the epoxy tumbler design.

ProMarine Supplies Art Resin assures you of an intense shine that is everlasting. Design your epoxy tumblers for a grand display on your utensil rack for a long time. lasting the test of time.

Enjoy the ease of use with ProMarine Supplies Art Resin that features a simple 1:1 mix ratio. This way beginners, as well as professionals, can use this epoxy resin for tumblers.

Make everlasting designs that can stand the test of time with ProMarine Supplies Art Resin.

ProMarine Supplies Art Resin contains UV-resistant formulations that ensure the color accuracy of your tints and stains maintaining the relevance and craft of your epoxy tumbler design.

Take advantage of ProMarine Supplies Art Resin’s versatility using epoxy not only for your tumbler project but for a wide range of projects especially epoxy art projects. Kill several birds with a single stone.


Key Pros

✔FDA approved
✔Ultra-glossy finish
✔Extra durability

Just like ProMarine Supplies Art Resin, Craft Resin Creative Liquid is also built for the epoxy artist. The theme is similar;  the excellent revelation of details.

Craft Resin Creative Liquid increases the attractiveness of your epoxy tumbler project. You increase the aesthetic value of your tumbler making it stunning.

You can carry your tumbler almost anywhere after decorating with Craft Resin Creative Liquid which might not be possible if your tumbler was a plain tumbler material.

Craft Resin Creative Liquid assures you military-grade durability that will leave your tumbler intact for a long time withstanding the handling of normal daily use.

Design your epoxy tumbler right off the bat using Craft Resin Creative Liquid since the epoxy resin comes bundled with a pair of gloves and a reusable mixing stick for other projects.

After Craft Resin Creative Liquid cures, you are assured of a crystal clear surface whose glossiness allows amazing light reflections that bring interest to the tumbler.

Craft Resin Creative Liquid is self-leveling indicating its ease of use when applying in corners and along the cylindrical face. Also, the advantage of not needing to use spatulas for extra solvents to achieve consistent thickness.

The key advantage of  Craft Resin Creative Liquid is the bubble-free property owing to its low viscosity.

By having a bubble-free finish you are adding to the attractiveness of the tumbler since you can eliminate the unsightly features of bubbles that appear on epoxy resin surfaces.


Below are the key features you will need to actually watch out for when selecting the best FDA approved epoxy for tumblers in the FDA approved epoxy marketplace.


Carefully read the manufacturer’s manual of the purported FDA approved epoxy you seek to buy, looking for claims of its compliance with FDA.

Look for keywords like:

. . . in accordance with CFR Title 21, Part 175.300, and 175.105

FDA compliant Epoxy

Food Safe Epoxy

Food and Beverage Safe Epoxy

The strict primary requirements for FDA approval of epoxy

1∙ The epoxy should not emit any smell or taste to the beverage or food inside the tumbler.

2∙ Only negligible or zero traces of elements that are not crosslinked to the food or epoxy are allowed to be emitted.

3∙ The food or beverage in the tumbler cannot have its composition altered after coming into contact with the epoxy surface on the tumbler.

4∙ The epoxy you select for tumblers should NOT pose any human health risk upon contact or even consumption of the contents of the tumbler.


Although a self-leveling capability is not a compulsory feature, the feature is important when spreading epoxy over the cylindrical face of the tumbler.

You do not have to use a spatula or extra solvents to achieve consistent thickness.

Also, in case you use a brush or spatula, with the self-leveling capability you can mask out the unsightly waveforms that could form.


Working with an FDA approved epoxy you are assured of eco-friendliness but it is important to check for further details on:

0% VOCs

0% Redlist elements

0% odor

‣ 0% toxic elements

Bio-content ingredients


Waterproof epoxy resistant to water and common solvents will ensure that your epoxy tumblers last for a very long time as you continue taking your food and beverages.

Shock and impact resistant FDA approved epoxy will ensure your epoxy tumbler can sustain the common dropping.

Scratch and abrasion resistance will allow you to clean the inside and outside of your epoxy tumbler without leaving significant marks on the surface.

UV resistance will give you the advantage of using your epoxy resin outdoor without running the risk of rapid yellowing and fading all of which degrade the aesthetic quality of epoxy tumblers.


It is crucial that you have access to the full information regarding how you will mix, pour, and cure your FDA approved epoxy.

Some companies have detailed manuals bundled in the product, some have the instructions available on their websites, while others have even video tutorials detailing how to achieve the best FDA compliance.

Do make sure that you follow these instructions to the letter depending on the scale and configuration of your tumbler project as you are dealing with a project whose defect could lead to deterioration of human health.


What kind of epoxy is used on tumblers?

FDA approved epoxy, eco-friendly epoxy and durable epoxy are the kinds of epoxy used on tumblers. Read above for the review of our best picks for FDA approved epoxy for tumblers.

Is there a food safe epoxy?

Yes, there is food safe epoxy. All FDA approved epoxy are food safe. Read above for the strict criteria of FDA compliant epoxy.

Can you use any epoxy on tumblers?

You CANNOT use any epoxy on tumblers. There are key features that an epoxy resin should possess to be used on tumblers including FDA approval, durability, eco-friendliness. 

Is it safe to drink from epoxy tumblers?

Epoxy tumblers from FDA approved epoxy and carefully epoxied as per the manufacture’s instructions are safe to drink from.


FDA approved epoxy for tumblers is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to design their tumblers with epoxy resin. FDA approved epoxy for tumblers should be FDA compliant, self-leveling, eco-friendly, and durable. Also, FDA approved epoxy for tumblers should vividly show the full process of using the epoxy to achieve food-safe conditions of the epoxy surface.

Mostly, for tumblers, you are aiming at bringing out the creativity in you through customizing the design of your tumbler. Our choice of best FDA approved epoxy for tumblers features an excellent list covering features that will assist you in selecting the one best suited to your epoxy tumbler project

All the best in making tumblers using FDA approved epoxy for tumblers!