5 Best Epoxy Resins for Wood Countertops under $100 2022 – Review

Do you need to include the best epoxy resins in your home wooden furniture plan? Do you want to enhance the sleekness of your wooden surfaces? Do you want to get more creative with artistic epoxy resins on wooden surfaces? This article details our pick of 5 of the Best Epoxy Resins for Wood Countertops.

Choosing the Best Epoxy Resin for your Wood Countertop as a wooden surface enthusiast is an essential step if you want to fully appreciate the bliss that comes from clean and sleek surfaces. This feeling is satisfying since some of these surfaces, especially kitchen surfaces, also act as food preparation or eating spaces.

Epoxy resins are both aesthetic masterpieces and heavy-duty purposes. By including them in your home plan on wooden surfaces, you will improve the beauty of your kitchen and ensure that you get the best efficiency and durability from your working surfaces.

Continue reading to get all the pros and cons of the best Epoxy Resins for Wooden Countertops.


1. FGCI Superclear 2.0 Liquid Class 2″ Thick Pour Epoxy [Base Resin + Curing Agent]


This product is by FGCI – a reputable epoxy resin manufacturer in the USA. The product is well known for the potential of a thick pour (a maximum of 2 to 4 inches), which is instrumental in contributing to the overall structure’s hardness.

With a hard material result, there is adequate protection from damage, high heat resistance that prevents surface warping, a perfect blend with wooden surface increasing stability, and the prevention of wobble and flexing.

Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy resin practically produces a bubble-less finish. By having a thinner viscosity as a two-part resin, this epoxy resin has an excellent bubble-releasing mechanism that leaves the final product with exceptional depth and super clarity.

This feature widens the range of projects within which Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy resin may apply, including River Tables, Void and cracks Filling, Casting Art, and Even as Small as 4ml castings, for example, Jewelry pendants.

Although most epoxy resins available in the market will yellow due to UV exposure, Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy resin is different by including high-caliber additive formulations.

These high-grade ingredients ensure significantly lower yellowing and more extended periods of super clear epoxy resin surface than other epoxies.

Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy resin gives room for creative wooden surface designs and deco by allowing easy color integration.

Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy resin flawlessly blends with coloring agents such as inks, dyes, and even liquid and powder pigments.

This epoxy resin perfectly distributes and suspends the coloring agent allowing for accurate patterns and smooth design implementation.

The tests we carried in our SmartKitchenLine Hub crown FGCI as the best 2 part epoxy for wood. FGCI is the best 2 part epoxy for wood because it ticks all the criteria for selecting the best epoxy resin for woodworking


Thick pour (a maximum of 2 to 4 inches)

Bubble-less finish

Superb UV resistance

Easy color integration


Curing issues if mixing less than a pint of epoxy

Negative results with acrylic paint and oil-based paint

2. INCREDIBLE SOLUTIONS Table Top Epoxy Crystal Clear [Base Resin + Curing Agent]


Table Top Epoxy Crystal Clear produces a crystal clear finish giving your surface an elegant aesthetic look.

The super glossy and ultra-clear finish makes this epoxy perfectly applicable on all wooden surface types, even on bar tops and Coffee tables, where clarity detail is of absolute importance.

Table Top Epoxy Crystal Clear has excellent UV resistance reducing the degree of yellowing upon exposure to UV light sources over time.

Due to its self-leveling attribute, this epoxy spreads evenly without requiring spreading accessories. This feature allows the application of the epoxy to special surface design areas like bar rails, worktop edges, and countertop corners.

Table Top Epoxy Crystal Clear produces a durable finish. As a result, the surface possesses the water, stain, impact, and blemish resistant attribute.

Table Top Epoxy Crystal Clear is composed of 100% solids exhibiting significantly low odor compared to other epoxies.

This epoxy resin boosts curing time, allowing for quicker project time and uniform thickness across the working surface. The Epoxy resin leaves durable, blemish resistant, water-resistant, and impact-resistant coating by having a solid-state formulation. Also, the epoxy is adorably eco friendly with its ZERO VOC trait.


Super glossy and ultra-clear finish

Excellent UV resistance

Durable finish


Low odor


Negative results with acrylic paint and oil-based paint

3. MAS Table Top Pro Clear Top Epoxy Resin [Resin + Hardener]

TableTop Pro showcases a professional and quality grade. With over 25 years of experience in making high-quality epoxy resins and other epoxy products, MAS with its TableTop Pro provides wood hobbyists with strong, reliable, and easy to use end-result surfaces.

Everything, from start-to-finish, is manufactured in the USA. TableTop Pro produces a beautiful super-gloss leaving the user in gratitude for the consistency and state of the art aesthetics. This quality Table Top Pro can be applied in various surfaces and projects, including resin art and deco, bar tops, and kitchen worktops.

MAS gifts TableTop Pro buyers with a 4″ Spreader and a 4″ Brush. With these accessories included in the package, it is easy to kick off your epoxy projects even if you are just beginning.

In addition, MAS TableTop Pro comes with detailed instructions to make your DIY Epoxy project a success. There is also an instructional video that walks through buyers the application process to produce a clear glass-like surface.


Trusted quality

Clear and glossy finish

Easy to use epoxy

Spreader and Brush included


Highly prone to crystallization under relatively colder environments.

4. TOTALBOAT Table Top Epoxy Clear Epoxy Coating for Bars and Table Tops [Resin + Hardener]


TOTALBOAT Table Top Epoxy Clear Epoxy Coating for Bars and Table Tops achieves a crystal clear finish allowing worktops to exhibit exceedingly beautiful surfaces. This attribute makes Table Top Epoxy Clear Epoxy Coating perfectly suitable for enhancing the aesthetics of kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Some of the most commonly associated projects include resin art and design, piece embedment, casting, epoxy jewelry, and other interesting epoxy projects.

Table Top Epoxy Clear Epoxy Coating is easy to use with a 1:1 recommended ratio for the two-part epoxy resin. Also, the resin allows for easy color integration, allowing you to include mica powder and even alcohol ink in your design.

The epoxy also self-levels, increasing the workability of the epoxy by being easy to pour on the project surface.

Table Top Epoxy Clear Epoxy Coating shows exceptional durability with strong resistance against stains and yellowing from UV light. The cured surfaces are also waterproof.

An interesting attribute of Table Top Epoxy Clear Epoxy Coating is the Supremely Premium Quality as a result of its BPA-free formulations that have ZERO VOC, allowing epoxy hobbyists to enjoy eco-friendly products.


Clear Finish

Easy to use

Easy color integration

Highly durable

Eco Friendly


Highly prone to crystallization under relatively colder environments.

Average durability from scratches



PROMARINE Table Top Epoxy ensures crystal clear surfaces after curing, enabling See-Through Encapsulation. The epoxy perfectly suits various wood finishes in many spaces in the home, including Table Tops, Worktops and Bathrooms.

The epoxy is also excellent for Artwork and Jewelry casting. The epoxy’s high gloss is admirable.

This epoxy includes accurate UV resistant ingredients that reduce the degree and speed of yellowing upon exposure to UV light sources.

The epoxy also portrays resistance from water, scratches, and pressure, ensuring a sturdy and durable surface. Additionally, PROMARINE Table Top Epoxy is Blush Resistant allowing for little or no color change of the surface after curing.

PROMARINE Table Top Epoxy perfectly self-levels, allowing for smooth workability and eliminating undesirable craters, ugly fish eyes, and crawling marks. Bars, Wood finishes, s, Artwork, and other applications.

The epoxy has a 100% solids composition allowing odor stealth and eco-friendliness.


Crystal Clear See-Through Encapsulation

UV and Blush resistant


100% solids [Eco-friendly]


Shallow pour

All the best in your epoxy resin wood countertop project!