5 Best Epoxy Resin for Coasters under $250 2022 – Guide and Review

What is the Best Epoxy Resin for Coasters? What are coasters? What should I watch out for keenly when selecting the Best Epoxy Resin for Coasters? Kindly read the article below for the full reveal.

What are coasters?

Coasters are dishes, trays, mats, or slabs placed under glass utensils to protect the underlying surface from moisture. Coasters come in different thickness, area, shape, and color.

Coasters can be made from a variety of materials including wood, concrete, plastic, metal, or even granite.

Also, epoxy resin can be poured into a container of desired shape and height, dried, and sanded to act as a coaster by itself. Such coasters will form the primary basis from which we shall handle Best Epoxy Resin for Coasters.


1• FGCI Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Kit Crystal Clear Liquid Glass 2-4 inch 1½ GL, Epoxy Resin 2:1 – BEST THICK POUR EPOXY RESIN FOR COASTERS


Key Pros

✔2-4” Deep Pour
✔Durable Finish
✔Ultra-clear finish
✔Color compatible
✔UV resistant

Create your coasters as thick as you want with FGCI. 2-4” maximum pour thickness range allows you to cover the majority of coaster projects with single pours. The advantage here is time reduction when doing thick coasters which is priceless.

FGCI Deep Pour ensures that your coasters are hard, strong, and stable over the long run and are heat resistant too with no warping. This way hot drinks or candle bases can be placed conveniently over the coasters.

FGCI Deep Pour cures to an ultra-clear finish. FGCI Deep Pour gives you the option of letting the epoxy cure clearly or include colors out of the compatible inks, dyes, and inks. You can tap into as many color variations and hues with FGCI Deep Pour.

Work with practically no bubbles when using FGCI Deep Pour. Due to its relatively low viscosity, FGCI Deep Pour fills the coaster container displacing all the air pockets and employing its bubble release mechanism.

Bubbles degrade the craftsmanship of resin art and require additional time-consuming steps to eliminate.

FGCI Deep Pour allows you to enjoy your clear finish for a long time without yellowing. With special ingredients, FGCI Deep Pour significantly inhibits the unsightly visual defects of UV rays.

FGCI Deep Pour is versatile epoxy allowing you to perform as many projects other than your coaster project. It’s hitting several birds with a single stone!

2• ART N’ GLOW Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin – BEST GLOW EPOXY RESIN FOR COASTERS


Key Pros

✔Easy to use
✔UV resistant

ART N’ GLOW epoxy resin is an excellent coating for your coasters either when used over another material and a superb cast material when used as the coaster itself.

You can enjoy the ease of use due to its simple 1:1 mix ratio coupled with the self-leveling capability that masks out brush marks while ensuring a consistent thickness in just 45 minutes of working time.

ART N’ GLOW epoxy resin glows in the dark to make bold and brighten your space in ow light situations. ART N’ GLOW can thus be used to serve in relatively dark picnics where guests can spot their plate or cup positions.

ART N’ GLOW is eco-friendly featuring extremely low odor and 0% VOCs. You can use ART N’ GLOW in basement workshops.

Using ART N’ GLOW allows you to enjoy a lifelong glow-in-the-dark property of your coaster due to the anti-yellowing formulations that inhibit the graying, fading, and yellowing effects of UV rays. You can use your coasters for outdoor use without any risk of significant yellowing.

NOTE: All epoxy resins will yellow over time and anti-yellowing epoxy resins can only significantly delay the degree of yellowing allowing you to enjoy top-notch aesthetic quality for a long time.

3• Incredible Solutions DEEP Pourable Plastic Casting Resin 2″ THICK Specially Designed For River Tables & Large Castings – BEST LOW SHRINKAGE EPOXY RESIN FOR COASTERS


Key Pros

✔Low shrinkage
✔Color compatible
✔UV resistant

Remove the need to pour an overflow over the epoxy resin coaster containers to compensate for shrank epoxy resin. Instead, go for Incredible Solutions DEEP Pourable Plastic which is minimal shrinkage resin where you will not have to re-pour to achieve the desired thickness.

Incredible Solutions DEEP Pourable Plastic supports a variety of stains including mica powders or the epoxy resin can be left to cure clear as per the coaster design requirements.

Incredible Solutions DEEP Pourable Plastic cures to a military-grade coaster owing to its long working times that will ensure the epoxy resin bonds well to increase the integrity of the form factor.

Incredible Solutions DEEP Pourable Plastic is a low viscosity epoxy resin and is excellent for bubble-free coasters without the need for blow torches or heat guns. You will enjoy the ease of use presented regardless of your stage in coasters creation projects.

Embedded in the ingredients are UV inhibitors which are instrumental in ensuring your coaster cast remains as clear or as colored without fades, grays, or even yellows caused by sunlight rays.

4• WiseBond DEEP Pour Epoxy for 2” Thick Single Pours – BEST EPOXY RESIN FOR WOOD COASTERS


Key Pros

2.0” Deep Pour
✔Built for wood
✔Color compatible
✔UV Resistance

WiseBond DEEP Pour epoxy resin is built for wood. Wood is a common material on which epoxy resin is poured to make stunning coasters. You can pour the epoxy resin alongside or over a piece of wood.

WiseBond DEEP Pour cures to a crystal-clear finish which is essential in vividly revealing the details of your wood surface. You can therefore carve, sculpt, or engrave anything on your wood surface.

WiseBond DEEP Pour has a maximum pour of 2” per layer, which covers the common range of thickness for coasters. You are assured of thick coasters quickly.

WiseBond DEEP Pour is compatible with mica powders and pigments making it excellent when you want colored coasters. Also, you can choose to isolate sections of your coasters with clear finishes as you stain the rest to produce interesting designs.

Wisebond DEEP Pour is a high UV resistant epoxy resin significantly delaying the process of yellowing and allowing you to enjoy the aesthetics of your coasters for a long time.

The epoxy is eco-friendly with low odor, 100% solid formulations, and 0 VOC. You can thus use the epoxy resin coasters around people of all ages and can create the coasters in the basement workshop.

Wisebond Deep Pour is self-leveling creating a consistent thickness that is desirable when making coasters with sharp corners and that should be level.

When creating coasters to hold beverage you want the coaster to be level with the underlying surface and a self-leveling epoxy resin such as Wisebond Deep Pour is ideal for this design requirement.

5• Craft Resin Creative Liquid Epoxy Resin Kit Craft Resin Starter Kit – BEST FOOD SAFE EPOXY RESIN FOR COASTERS

Key Pros

✔Food safe
✔Clear, attractive, and glossy finish
✔4” deep pour
✔Easy to use
✔UV resistant

Craft Resin Creative Liquid is an excellent epoxy resin for the sleek aesthetic quality of your coasters. Amazingly beautiful casts and coasters can be created using Craft Resin Creative Liquid. Enjoy a liquid-glass finish that is crystal clear and glossy.

Craft Resin Creative Liquid for extra beauty and attraction. Go for Craft Resin Creative Liquid when making coasters to display premium jewelry or when designing a sleek dinner setup.

Craft Resin Creative Liquid is not for the looks only but also forms a tough and durable resulting surface ensuring your coasters are protected from impact, scratch, and abrasion.

Pour Craft Resin Creative Liquid deeply up to 4”. With this wide range of thickness, you can practically make any kind of coaster.

Craft Resin Creative Liquid is an easy-to-use epoxy resin with a 1:1 epoxy to hardener ratio and comes with gloves and a spatula – a spatula that you can use for several coaster coasters project.

SAFE 100%✅: Craft Resin Creative Liquid is food safe with 0% toxins, VOCs, hazardous solvents, and Flammable elements, and extremely low odor.


There are several key factors that you need to carefully factor in when going for the Best Epoxy Resin for Coasters for your specific project.


Coasters can be made out of wood, plastic, metal, concrete, or even stone. Identifying the material your coasters are made of is crucial in finding the suitable corresponding epoxy resin.

If your coasters are made of wood, it is wise to go for an epoxy resin that is compatible with wood surfaces. If your coasters are made from a combination of several materials, then it is wise to use an all-purpose epoxy resin.

When using epoxy resin to make the whole coaster, coaster material is irrelevant since the coaster you intend to create is made out of epoxy resin.


Some coasters are used in ways that could come in direct contact with food and as such demand the use of food and beverage safe epoxy resin. An example could be a coaster holding a loose fabric or serviette over which salad or bans are placed.

If you use your coasters in an outdoor environment where they are left out in the open then it would be beneficial to go with a waterproof, UV resistant epoxy resin.

On the other hand, if you want to apply epoxy resin on coasters to use in a bedroom for kids or the aged, it is important to consider low odor epoxy resin.

When using epoxy resin to make the whole coaster, then go for highly durable, impact, and scratch-resistant epoxy resin. This way, you will achieve high-quality coasters that can be easily moved and frequently pressured.


Ultimately you want an epoxy resin that will bring out the best of aesthetics from your coaster material.

A self-leveling epoxy resin allows you to apply the resin to coasters with corners and to smoothly mask out brush marks if any at all ensuring a sleek resulting surface.

Also, a self-leveling epoxy resin ensures a stunning even finish without the need for additional solvents.

When using epoxy resin to make the whole coaster, a self-leveling epoxy resin will be instrumental in achieving consistent thickness within the coaster container forming a unique slab.


Continuing with the theme of aesthetics for coasters, it is advantageous if you are working with an epoxy resin that is compatible with several color stains. This option allows you to choose from 16,000,000 colors elevating your coaster design.

Note some epoxy resins also have the option for glowing in the dark to create a lively and interesting design.

Consider selecting a glow-in-the-dark epoxy resin when designing outdoor dinner table coasters, bench coasters, and garden flower pot coasters.


The height of the coaster container will dictate how thick you need to pour the epoxy resin.

If the coaster container is 1” thick and your epoxy resin has a 0.25” maximum thickness per pour, then it means you will have to pour your epoxy resin at least 4 times with curing.

However, if you were working with a deep pour epoxy resin allowing for 1-2” maximum thickness per pour then you can fill up the 1” thick coaster container once.

Therefore, thick pour epoxy resins save time significantly when dealing with thick slab coasters.


1• Glossy Finish – Get a resulting shiny surface with epoxy resin.

2• Ultra-clear Finish – It is possible to reveal as many details on your coaster surface with an epoxy resin.

3• Food Safe Finish – Use food and beverage safe epoxy resin on coasters that are highly likely to come into contact with food.

4• Waterproof – Be assured of up to marine-grade protection with 100% waterproof features. You cannot go wrong with waterproof epoxy resin when used outdoors, during cleaning, or even when spilled over by common solvents.

5• Durable – Life-long abrasion, scratch, chemical, solvent, and UV resistant ensuring good aesthetics for a long time.

6• Self-leveling Finish – Apply epoxy resin for coasters coaster corners while at the same time masking out all brush marks effectively.

7• Eco-Friendly – Work in your basement garage or workshop, eat dinner on an epoxy resin sealed surface with people of all ages using an eco-friendly, sustainably produced, low odor, and non-toxic polyurethane.

8• Cast maker – Enlarge the area and thickness of your coaster by pouring epoxy resin thickly. You will achieve high strength durable slabs over your coaster that will cover larger areas.


Using epoxy resin for coasters is advantageous since epoxy resins are eco-friendly, cast makers, durable, self-leveling, food-safe, and attractive. When selecting the best epoxy resin for coasters you need to consider coaster material, use of the coaster, self-leveling epoxy resin, colored epoxy resin, and thick pour epoxy resin.

All the best in your epoxy resin coasters project!