4 Best Epoxy for Wood Slabs under $200 2022 – Guide and Review

What is the best epoxy for wood slab projects in your woodworking endeavor? To what should you pay close attention when dealing with epoxy on wood slabs? Read the article below to take the full advantage that wood slabs offer in woodworking and still achieve maximum aesthetics and functionality out of your epoxied surface.

Wood slabs are important in woodworking activities. A wood slab may be defined in woodwork as a piece of wood cut from a log when sawing into boards.

When the word “wood slab” is used by woodworking hobbyists, the term often refers to a relatively thick piece of wood and that retains the natural features of its edge – that is often including the bark, knots, inclusions, cracks, and voids.

A wood slab, therefore, could very well mean a slice of wood either along or across the trunk.                              

The reason you would want to apply the best epoxy for wood slabs is that you want to aesthetically transform the wood slab for specific purposes.

The following list shows some (but not limited to) of the projects that you can use your transformed wood slab after applying the best epoxy for wood slabs.

Curved Kitchen Countertop, Headboard for beds, Chilling stools, or As part of a glass door project.


1• [♚] Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating For Wood Tabletop


Key Pros

Self-leveling capability (ease of use)
Crystal clear finish
UV resistant
Blush resistant
Applicable in many woodworking projects.

This epoxy ticks the majority of the criteria for selecting the Best Epoxy for Wood Slabs.

The epoxy is easy to use, featuring a 1:1 self-leveling formula that really comes in handy for beginner woodworking hobbyists or that can save a ton of time for the pros.
The epoxy is UV resistant only to certain limits and, as such, is not very ideal for outdoor use as can cause a relatively high degree of yellowing.

2• MAS Table Top Pro Clear Top Epoxy Resin [Resin + Hardener]


Key Pros

Trusted quality
Clear and glossy finish
Easy to use epoxy
Spreader and Brush included

TableTop Pro showcases a professional and quality grade. With over 25 years of experience in making high-quality epoxy resins and other epoxy products, MAS with its TableTop Pro provides wood hobbyists with strong, reliable, and easy to use end-result surfaces. Everything, from start-to-finish, is manufactured in the USA. TableTop Pro produces a beautiful super-gloss leaving the user in gratitude for the consistency and state of the art aesthetics. This quality Table Top Pro can be applied in various surfaces and projects, including resin art and deco, bar tops, and kitchen worktops.

3• INCREDIBLE SOLUTIONS Table Top Epoxy Crystal Clear [Base Resin + Curing Agent]

Key Pros

Super glossy and ultra-clear finish
Excellent UV resistance
Durable finish
Low odor

Table Top Epoxy Crystal Clear has excellent UV resistance reducing the degree of yellowing upon exposure to UV light sources over time. Due to its self-leveling attribute, this epoxy spreads evenly without requiring spreading accessories. This feature allows the application of the epoxy to special surface design areas like bar rails, worktop edges, and countertop corners.

4• EcoPoxy FlowCast Clear Casting Epoxy Resin for Wood Working, Tables, and Counters

Key Pros

Super glossy and ultra-clear finish
Excellent UV resistance
Durable finish
Low odor

This epoxy is perfect for thick pours allowing wood slab projects to be successful, especially where there are large voids.

The finish is ultra-clear, giving you the absolute best aesthetics – glossy, water-like appearance.
The epoxy also exhibits a strong bond enabling it to be water, scratch, and impact resistant.        


1• LARGE SURFACE AREA – Due to the relatively long, broader, and thicker edges of wood slabs, woodworkers enjoy a wider surface area to work with.

This feature is advantageous in allowing hobbyists to show the maximum existing details on the slabs or even incorporate new detail that would be more challenging when working with shorter, narrower, and thinner pieces of wood.

2• TIMELESS DESIGN – By crafting wood slabs, for example, with epoxy, it is possible to blend traditional architecture with modern aesthetics, therefore, increasing the relevance of your current project with the ever-fluctuating trends in the woodwork market.

3• FREE AND UNIQUE DESIGN – Since every tree has a unique story to tell, it is almost guaranteed that the wood slab you are working on will provide you with patterns, colors, and textures that will enhance your project or even more the space where the project will reside.


1• High UV Resistance – As noted earlier, wood slabs offer a wide surface area and, as such, are more prone to yellowing upon exposure to UV rays. By having an epoxy with strong UV resistance, it is possible to achieve a successful wood slab project.

2• Clear Glossy Finish – It’s all about the aesthetics. Most probably, you are here because you want to transform your wood slab into a beautiful woodwork piece and, as such, would want to reveal interesting details on the wood slab. An epoxy with an ultra-clear finish is the best for this.#

3• Safe – Due to the large surface area, for example, the ‘As part of a glass door project,’ the epoxy involved should be safe to work with, preferably with zero VOC and approved by the FDA.

4• Versatility – You do not want to purchase an epoxy that can only fulfill the needs of only a specific project or project phase. Although different epoxies have different features and capabilities due to their ingredients, it is wise t select an epoxy with a wide range of uses for your other DIY projects that could save your budget.

5• Ease of application – Since errors could occur in your epoxy projects, which are difficult to correct, it would be wise to grab an epoxy with an easy application feature that allows you to avoid several applications to achieve the correct workmanship.

Some epoxies have self-leveling capabilities that allow hobbyists to get an easy time when dealing with projects with numerous edges or corners.

6• Water Resistance – This feature may depend on the use of the final project. However, water and the kitchen are exceedingly inseparable, calling for waterproof epoxies.

7• Impact and Scratch Resistance – Owing to their large surface area and weight, wood slabs are often prone to scratches and breaking. A strong epoxy that forms a solid rock with the wood slab while at the same time offering a scratch-resistant surface is the Best Epoxy for Wood Slabs


Finally, it is possible to take advantage of the wide surface area, unique aesthetics, and timeless design to achieve a shiny woodworking epoxy project. However, this can only be achieved by carefully selecting the Best Epoxy for Wood Slabs with the criteria stated above. Have a look at our Best Epoxy for Wood Slabs and have fun woodworking!