9 Best Epoxy for Wood Cracks under $160 2022 – Guide and Review

What’s the best epoxy resin to fill cracks in wood? The article below is a guide and review of the best epoxy to fill cracks in wood. Read to find important details of the best epoxy for wood cracks.

Recently we did an article on this site on Filling Wood Cracks with Colored Epoxy outlining reasons for it and the step by step process involved. However, filling wood cracks with epoxy requires an excellent epoxy to achieve the best results for your woodworking project.

That is the very reason why today we follow up that article with factors that you should consider when selecting Best Epoxy for Wood Cracks while giving you our best picks and a detailed review of our selections for the Best Epoxy for Wood Cracks.

1• TotalBoat Fixwood | Marine Grade Epoxy Putty | Stainable Paste Filler for Damaged Wood Repair or Replacement – OVERALL THE BEST EPOXY FOR WOOD CRACKS

TotalBoat Fixwood ensures that the wood crack project you are working on will last permanently. Regardless of the nature of the wood crack and the cause, you are assured of perfect bonding between the epoxy resin and the wood surface. Therefore, you could have naturally split wood, rot cracked wood, wood insect or bird holes, and still fic you wood to ultimate utility, strength, and aesthetics.

By featuring a 1:1 mix ratio TotalBoat Fixwood is an easy to use epoxy for wood cracks and therefore a go-to epoxy resin for beginners and pros alike.

TotalBoat Fixwood has the advantage of a low shrinkage factor property that significantly reduces sags, cracks undulations even on vertical planes – even on vertical planes.

The epoxy resin ideal for both indoor and outdoor use given some of the specific ingredients it possesses aimed at producing only low odor and high UV resistant characteristics. Therefore you can’t go wrong with human use and little epoxy resin yellowing.

TotalBoat Fixwood exhibits exceptional versatility. Although the epoxy resin is excellent for all kinds of wood cracks, the epoxy is also ideal for various woodworking design scenarios including wooden staircase and stair post renovation, door and door frame construction, building walls, window sills, hinges, ladders, and decks.

TotalBoat Fixwood is easy to use and manipulate since it acts like wood. Once the epoxy resin has cured successfully, the surface can be sanded, drilled, or cut to fit in your design whether to blend in color or just physically fit dimension wise.

If the scale of your wood crack project is large, you can use nails or screws to fasten the bond whose drilling is easy with TotalBoat Fixwood.

TotalBoat Fixwood exhibits 100% water resistance allowing it to be ideal for sealing in marine situations or other solvent sealing scenarios.

TotalBoat Fixwood has a working time of 30-35 minutes working at 72˚F and experiences a functional cure after 6 hours.

2• Super Clear Coat Epoxy Resin Kit, 2 Gallon, Food Safe Epoxy, Art Resin, Ultra Clear Liquid Glass 2 Part Self Leveling Epoxy Resin, Epoxy Resin Table DIY – BEST THIN POUR EPOXY FOR WOOD CRACKS

Super Clear Coat is a highly versatile epoxy resin suitable for many design situations. You do not want an epoxy resin that you can only use for wood cracks but rather an epoxy resin that you can use for other closely related purposes in your woodworking workshop. Therefore, this epoxy is suitable for use in resin wood tables, epoxy resin floor, and numerous wood ideas.

The epoxy works perfectly with metallic pigments allowing the uses to exploit the unique shapes and sizes of wood cracks and fill them with colored epoxy to raise the aesthetics to a whole new level. Colored epoxy resins offer woodworking enthusiasts the option and benefit to work with over 16,000,000 colors.

On the other hand, if you want to expose the details of your wood crack while also forming a strong bond, Super Clear Coat cures to a crystal clear and super glossy finish which is aesthetically appealing.

Super Clear Coat is easy to use with a simple 1:1 ratio of the epoxy resin to the hardener.

On durability, the epoxy resin does not only form a tough and hard bond with the wood crack faces but also offers high UV resistance that significantly reduces the degree of yellowing on epoxy resin surfaces.

Food safety is top-notch when working with Super Clear Coat. Although this is not a guarantee as this may vary from craftsman to craftsman, there is a considerable likelihood of your surface passing the food safety test per FDA code, 21CFR175.300.

This epoxy has a maximum pour depth of 0.25” and is ideal for shallow cracks.

3• FGCI Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Kit Crystal Clear Liquid Glass 2-4 inch, Self Leveling Epoxy Kit, Clear Epoxy Resin Wood Filler, Clear Pourable Casting Epoxy Resin, River Table Epoxy Resin 2:1 – BEST THICK EPOXY FOR WOOD CRACKS

FGCI Deep Pour a thick pour epoxy with a maximum pour depth range of between 2” to 4” which is an excellent selection for deep wood cracks. Check out our article on the Best Epoxy for Thick Pours.

FGCI Deep Pour is highly versatile meaning it’s applicable in situations that don’t even involve wood cracks for example wood river table projects, clear epoxy resin molds and casts, countertop, and bar top coating.

The key advantage that FGCI Deep Pour offers parallel to its deep pour property is the anti-bubble property. Since deep pour epoxy resin is often highly viscous and shall be exposed to the air a long time when filling deep cracks, then this anti-bubble property comes in handy to avoid unsightly bubbles that reduce the craftsmanship of your wood crack project.

Like the Super Clear Coat, FGCI Deep Pour offers High-Grade UV Resistance assuring woodworking enthusiasts of slowed yellowing and ultra-clear surface for a very long time.

The epoxy is also pigment compatible allowing for epoxy resin art in your wood cracks as you take advantage of the unique shapes and sizes of individual wood cracks.

4• INCREDIBLE SOLUTIONS Table Top & Bar Top Epoxy Resin, Ultra Clear UV Resistant Finish, Self-Leveling, Perfect for DIY Epoxy Counter Tops, Tabletops & Bars (Table Top) – BEST SELF LEVELLING EPOXY FOR WOOD CRACKS

Table Top Epoxy Resin cures to an ultra-clear finish ideal for cracks in tabletops and bar tops. The epoxy is UV resistant, slowing the degree of yellowing and also self-leveling ideal for design situations with corners, and edges.

Table Top Epoxy forms a durable finish that is blemish, water, and impact resistant suitable for wood cracks.

The epoxy resin is eco-friendly exhibiting 100% solids ingredients, 0 VOC, Negligible odor, and therefore ideal for wood cracks.

While using the final epoxy resin surface, make sure your hot dishes do not lie directly on the filled crack since Table Top Epoxy Resin is not a high heat epoxy resin.

5• EcoPoxy FlowCast 3L Kit Clear Casting Epoxy Resin for Wood Working, Tables, Counters – BEST ECO-FRIENDLY EPOXY FOR WOOD CRACKS

This epoxy is compatible with different kinds of pigments, be they metallic, color, or glitter, meaning that it is excellent for custom tints as an art resin for when you want to fill cracks in wood with colored epoxy.

EcoPoxy Flowcast has a self-leveling property allowing easy application in wood cracks of varying sizes and shapes.

The epoxy cures to a crystal clear finish described by the manufacturer as ‘liquid glass.’

Eco-Poxy Flowcast is Eco-Friendly with high biological content and extremely low odor. The resulting surface is ideal for use in the kitchen, dining, and any other space due to its environmental friendliness.

EcoPoxy Flowcast is an excellent suit where the wood cracks are large and deep; deep pours would be necessary. The epoxy can cure to thick epoxy slabs up to 1.5 inches, which adequate for deep wood cracks.

The epoxy forms an extremely tough and strong bond with wood, taking the durability of your wood crack fill to a whole new level.

6• MAS Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin | MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy Resin & Hardener | Two-Part Kit for Wood Tabletop, Bar Top, Resin Art | Set Includes Spreader & Brush | Professional Grade Coating – BEST EASY TO USE EPOXY FOR WOOD CRACKS

MAS Table Top Pro showcases a professional and quality grade. With over 25 years of experience in making high-quality epoxy resins and other epoxy products, MAS with its TableTop Pro provides wood hobbyists with strong, reliable, and easy to use end-result surfaces. Everything, from start-to-finish, is manufactured in the USA.

TableTop Pro only allows a max pour depth of 0.25” making it ideal for shallow and small cracks.

TableTop Pro produces a beautiful super-gloss leaving the user in gratitude for the consistency and state of the art aesthetics. This quality Table Top Pro can be applied to various surfaces and projects, including resin art and deco, bar tops, and kitchen worktops.

MAS gifts TableTop Pro buyers with a 4″ Spreader and a 4″ Brush. With these accessories included in the package, it is easy to kick off your wood crack project even if you are just beginning. Besides, MAS TableTop Pro comes with detailed instructions to make your DIY Epoxy project a success. There is also an instructional video that walks through buyers the application process to produce a clear glass-like surface.

7• System Three 1100K24 T-88 Kit, Bottle, Amber – BEST HIGH STRENGTH EPOXY FOR WOOD CRACKS

System Three 1100K24 T-88 Kit is a wood specific epoxy resin ideal for long and deep cracks along with wood – cracks that compromise the strength of wood. With 7000 pounds per square inch, you are guaranteed a high strength epoxy for your bonding purposes. System Three 1100K24 T-88 Kit is therefore ideal to repair wood cracks that split wood adversely due to its high strength adhesiveness.

System Three 1100K24 T-88 Kit features an easy to prepare 1:1 ratio of the epoxy to hardener allowing even beginners to achieve the best of results. When fully cured the epoxy resin surface is resistant to water and other solvents including kerosene. Oils, and many other common solvents.

The greatest advantage of System Three 1100K24 T-88 Kit is the ability to be applied in adverse woodworking situations including excellent compatibility with damp wood cracks – as long as it is worked perfectly into the wood crack surface.

System Three 1100K24 T-88 Kit is an adhesive ready to fill your crack and form a non-brittle bond. Regardless of the size of the wood crack involved, System Three 1100K24 T-88 Kit cures with a low shrinkage factor removing the need for excessive pours or many consecutive pours.

8• Art ‘N Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin Kit – BEST GLOW EPOXY FOR WOOD CRACKS

Art ‘N Glow epoxy resin is an excellent epoxy resin for filling wood cracks with a durable, and ultra-clear appearance.

The real advantageous interest is the capability of the epoxy resin surface to glow in the dark that makes the epoxy resin ideal for decorative art pieces, table projects, and wood repair projects.

The glow in the dark property allows woodworking enthusiasts to put life into projects by bringing noticeable color contrast even in dark areas. Since this epoxy is ideal for molds, it can hence be used to fill large wood cracks.

9• Loctite Epoxy Five Minute Instant Mix 0.47-Fluid Ounce Syringe – BEST RAPID EPOXY FOR WOOD CRACKS

Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix is built for rapid action and can be beneficial if you want to rid your wood cracks fast. For one, Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix comes with a convenient dispenser and applicator that saves significant time by ensuring pouring is smooth and effortless.

Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix forms a strong bond with wood ensuring a rapid but durable bond that repairs wood cracks effectively.

The final result is a tough and hard surface that is ready for manipulation; sanding, drilling, or painting. Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix can effectively repair and laminate small to medium size wood cracks.

Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix has a low shrinkage factor and is therefore meant to deliver results quickly without overflow or the need for consecutive layers.

Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix is also compatible with earth pigments allowing for filling wood cracks with colored epoxy.


Wood cracks are unique and vary in shape, dimension, color, depth, tributaries, and many other aspects. Therefore, there are several factors that we need to consider when selecting the best epoxy for wood cracks.


The scale of your project will be determined by the size of the wood crack. If the wood cracks involved are long, wide, and numerous then you might have to go with a higher size epoxy resin kit. Also, if the wood cracks involved are deep and not shallow depressions then it is beneficial to go for an epoxy resin for thick pours.


Sometimes you not only want to fill wood cracks to improve the strength and utility of a wood surface but also to improve the beauty of the wooden piece. Therefore, you might want to include color pigments, metallic dyes, or other inclusions. By having such flexibility you can synchronize your current wood crack project with the surrounding theme of things.

To achieve this you need to go for an epoxy resin that is compatible with a wide variety of pigments that allow you to easily include color.


The reason you are filling your wood cracks with epoxy is that you want to use the wood piece for a specific purpose on its own or as part of a larger masterpiece. Understanding the specific function will allow you to find the specific epoxy resin for your project.

One, if you are planning to fill the cracks in wood to use the piece for an outdoor design situation, then it is highly recommendable to go for a high UV resistant epoxy resin that can significantly reduce the degree of yellowing. Although yellowing is a complex phenomenon that is caused by various factors, UV is a major contributor, and having an epoxy with specific ingredients to inhibit yellowing is an added advantage.

Two, if you plan on using your piece for food or beverages, then it is critical that you go for epoxy resins which advocate for eco-friendliness and that also guarantee food-safe surfaces during and after application. Your health comes first and it is critical to take a second and ensure that the epoxy resin you select meets this claim and follow the manufacturer instructions to the letter to ensure the best results.

Three, filling cracks is primarily to increase the strength and utility of wood. Therefore, the epoxy that you choose should not only be tough and hard when bonding with wood surfaces but should also be resistant to scratches, impact, and solvents. This way, you can use the wood with filling cracks in a wide variety of uses including kitchen countertops, butcher boards, kids’ floor, and door panels.



Sometimes you are working in wood cracks with corners or on handrails and by having an epoxy resin with the self-leveling capability you are at an advantage of not having to use extra spreaders and additional solvent s to flatten the undulations and waves on the epoxy resin surface.


Epoxy resins shrink after curing. Depending on how much shrinkage there is, you might be required to either pour an overflow initially to cater for any shrinkage or pour consecutive layers — usually one for wood cracks.

You do not want to have the epoxy resin curing significantly below the wood surface such that you need to sand out much of the wood to reach the cured epoxy resin surface. Neither do you want to pour too much epoxy resin to cater for a huge shrinkage factor of your epoxy resin.


Our table above and individual product reviews give you an informed purchase decision.

All the best in your wood crack filling project!