8 Best Epoxy For Golf Shafts in 2022

The best epoxy for golf shafts plays a significant role in ensuring you build and repair your broken golf club shaft and achieve a longstanding golfing experience. Since epoxies not only act as coatings but also excellent adhesives then they are a great tool when repairing club heads whether made of graphite, carbon, titanium, metal, wood, or any other common material.

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However, there are many products on the epoxy market right now and online markets do not offer expert browsing features. We, therefore, went through dozens of reviews on the web to bring you a detailed article on our take on the best epoxy for golf shafts.

What Is The Best Epoxy To Use For Golf Clubs? – Reviews

1. J-B Weld 8281 Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy Twin Pack-10 oz, 10. Fluid_Ounces – Overall Best Epoxy For Golf Shafts


The reason J-B Weld 8281 produces the best results with golf shafts is its very high tensile strength of 5020 PSI. With such strength,  J-B Weld 8281 can withstand all the golf club uses without deforming.

At this strength, JB weld is super tough and resistant to cracking, breaking, water, and common solvents on the golf course, impact with the golf ball, and any pressure of the golf swing.

J-B Weld 8281 is made in the USA ensuring a transparent manufacturing process to bring you the best formulation that beats all competitors in this space. By being manufactured in the USA you are assured of outright approvals by relevant authorities.

Rather than welding your golf shaft which looks unsightly and requires accurate heat management, J-B Weld 8281 allows you to perform a quick cold weld to your golf club shaft or head and cruise to a substance stronger than steel to ensure a long-lasting experience. Therefore, J-B Weld 8281 is the best epoxy for steel golf shafts.

J-B Weld 8281 features a simple mix ratio of 1:1 which is friendly to beginners as well as pros. J-B Weld 8281 sets from 4-6 hours and cures within 15-24 hours which is adequate to allow for proper bonding and also quick enough to ensure you are back on the course the next day.

Highlighted Pros

✅ High 5020 PSI tensile strength

✅ Resistant to acid, water, chemicals, cracking, impact, and pressure

✅ Made in the USA

✅ Extremely Durable

✅ Beginner-friendly


X Repairs and builds not ready for same-day tee-offs

X Not fit for clear epoxy projects as it cures to a dark grey color

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2. J-B Weld Pro Size ClearWeld 5 Minute Set Epoxy – Best Clear Epoxy For Building Golf Clubs


J-B ClearWeld cures to a clear substance making it ideal for making clear golf club repairs that do not require color or foggy bonds.

J-B ClearWeld sets quickly in 5 minutes and takes 1 hour to fully cure. You can thus apply the adhesive to your golf shaft and in an hour you are confidently teeing off on the golf course.

J-B ClearWeld is compatible with many materials including metal, tile, plastics, wood, and glass and more this will almost definitely fit all types of golf clubs that require a rebuild or repair.

J-B ClearWeld is a high-strength epoxy for golf club shafts and has a tensile strength of 3900 PSI. At this strength, you expect sturdiness and resistance to deformation.

Highlighted Pros

✅Quick setting within 5 min and fully cure within 1 hour

✅ 3900 PSI high tensile strength for utmost durability

✅ Extensive compatibility with wood, glass, metal, and more materials

✅ Simple 1:1 mix ratio

✅ Clear and transparent bond


X Has a high odor that may take days to dissipate

3. Loctite Epoxy Five Minute Instant Mix – Best Precise Glue For Golf Club Shafts


The key advantage of using  Loctite Instant Mix is the ease of use and the precise application offered here.

With a convenient self-mixing dispenser and a handy precision applicator, you are assured of only using the right amount of epoxy you need without wastage.

Also, the precise applicator allows the epoxy to be used in tightly fitting golf shafts and clubs or where there is just a slight crack.

Loctite Instant Mix bonds strongly to these tightly fitting instances with a tensile strength of 3200 PSI and are widely compatible with several materials including wood, metal, tile, ceramic, glass, plastic, and more.

In case you need to improve the appearance of the golf shaft and even the epoxy bond, Loctite Instant Mix is easel;y sandable, and paintable while being compatible with epoxy pigments including earth pigments, cement, or sand. 

Highlighted Pros

✅Blends excellently with epoxy pigments to form a homogenous mixture

✅ Fast setting and curing allowing you to use your golf shaft in the next tee-off

✅ High 3200 PSI for long-lasting durability

✅ Handy Precision applicator for tight fittings

✅ Self-mixing dispenser for accurate mix ratio


X The mixing tip is not long-lasting and may require a toothpick or other mixing spatula

4. Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy, 5 Minute Set, .85 Ounce Syringe, Clear, (Pack of 2) – 4200130


Gorilla Epoxy is another best epoxy for golf club repair. The key advantage here is the clear cure that makes a clean repair and finishing. 

Also, the 3300 PSI tensile strength is adequate and is 37.5% more than its close competitor, PC Products 70147.  Overall you get a tougher and more durable epoxy that makes permanent bonds to your golf shaft to enable a long-lasting golf experience.

Gorilla sets quickly in 6 minutes which is short enough to quicken the curing process but is adequate to allow repositioning of the golf club shaft or head.

The packaging is easy to use since the epoxy and resin are in separate barrels that prevent and a syringe that conveniently dispenses equal volumes of each part all enclosed by a reusable cap.

Highlighted Pros

✅Clear Repair 

✅ High 3300 PSI strength

✅ Convenient syringe dispenser

✅ 6 Minute setting

✅ Perfect for large gaps


X Requires working at a higher temperature than normal room temperature if you want to avoid problems with air bubbles and also if you want to achieve the 5 Minute set time

5. PC Products – 70147-2 PC-Clear Epoxy Adhesive Liquid, 1oz Double Syringe, 2-Pack, Clear 70147


PC Products – 70147 is yet another excellent clear epoxy adhesive for golf clubs. 

The key advantage of using PC Products 70147 is the wide continuous service temperature range of between -20 and +200 degrees F that allows it to withstand all temperatures of all seasons in the US and other parts of the world.

Also, even though its clear weld competitors like J-B ClearWeld fully cure within an hour, PC Products 70147 takes longer to ensure excellent penetration into the crack or repair area and ensure perfect bonding till a full cure of 24 hours.

PC Products 70147 cures to a tough, strong, and durable bond that will last a long time on the golf course.

Highlighted Pros

✅Wide continuous service temperature

✅ Long curing time for proper penetration

✅ Strong and Durable epoxy

✅ High 2400 PSI strength


X Highly viscous and leaves gaps for large void golf club repairs

6. XUDOAI Epoxy Resin, 0.85-Fluid Ounce Metal Epoxy Adhesives, High Viscosity, and Strong Epoxies Multi-Purpose Epoxy Glue Instant Repair Wood, Plastic, Glass (H-Type) 


We choose XUDOAI Epoxy as one of the best epoxy resins for golf shafts due to two key unique characteristics.

One is the nature-friendly formulation which makes this epoxy ideal to use for users of all ages and can be applied even in the basement workshop. In addition, XUDOAI Epoxy comes with nature-friendly packaging for easy recycling.

Two, the ability to bond on uneven and vertical surfaces makes this epoxy ideal for any kind of fracture or crack on your golf shaft. Regardless of the nature of the breakage or the orientation of the crack, you are assured of strong bonding without bubbles.

XUDOAI Epoxy sets quickly in 5 minutes and fully cures in 24 hours making the golf club ready for play the next day’s tee-off session.

XUDOAI Epoxy is waterproof and sturdily resists cracking due to its high strength bonding capacity. 

XUDOAI Epoxy is also extensively compatible with many materials including wood, metal, fiberglass, ceramic, and more, and thus will perfectly nail the majority of golf club fractures.

Highlighted Pros

Nature Friendly

For uneven and vertical cracks

Quick 5 Minutes setting

Waterproof and high strength

Extensively compatible with wood


X Not made in the USA

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7. Permatex 84101 PermaPoxy 5 Minute General Purpose Epoxy, 0.84 oz. – Best Low Shrinkage Epoxy For Golf Clubs


The key repair advantage offered by Permatex 84101 is the low shrinkage of epoxy after gap filling. For large gaps, some epoxy in the competition will shrink and often require an additional application to fill up.

Also, the fact that no clamping is required to produce a strong bond makes it easy to use and beginner-friendly.

Permatex 84101 creates a permanent straight of up to 3400 PSI at par with the competition.

Permatex 84101 has a wide temperature range of -60°F to 180°F (-51°C to 82°C) making it ideal for use in all seasons and weather conditions. Also, epoxy is compatible with a wide range of materials including ceramic, chrome, fabric, fiberglass, glass, hard plastic, metal, and rubber.

Highlighted Pros

Low shrinkage factor

No clapping is required to achieve a strong bond

High 3400 PSI bond

Wide service temperature range

Extesnive compatibility with many materials


X Not made in the USA

8. Araldite Standard Heavy Duty Adhesive | Ultra Strong Epoxy Glue 


Araldite Standard is an excellent choice for the best heavy-duty hold golf club epoxy shafts. The bonding principle here is a low bonding process and that perfectly and permanently repairs the crack or breakage to form a renovated golf club.

In the end, you achieve durable, long-lasting, and strong bonds which last a long time regardless of the stress and pressure that you put on your golf club shaft.

Araldite Standard is extensively compatible with many materials including Wood, Glass, Leather, Ceramic, Plastic, Concrete, Metal, Rubber, Fabric

Highlighted Pros

Strong Durable and Everlasting Bonding

Extensive compatibility with many materials

Long working time

For heavy-duty holds and large cracks


X Not ideal for quick repairs as it requires a long working time

So, what kind of epoxy do you use for golf clubs? – Buying Guide

Through our research, we formulated the following criteria as key factors to consider when selecting what kind of epoxy to use on golf clubs.

1. Epoxy Durability

The durability of epoxy plays a key role in the decision of what epoxy to use on golf clubs. You want an epoxy that will last a long time while showing great resistance to various stresses on the golf courses

In particular, the epoxy should be water-resistant, crack-resistant, impact, and pressure-resistant and should withstand temperature changes without deformation so that you can tee off with confidence at any time of the year.

2. Epoxy Cure time

Depending on how fast you need to use your broken or cracked golf shaft you will require a fast or slow curing epoxy. Sometimes slow curing epoxy has an advantage over fast curing epoxy due to the penetrative and perfect bonding capability that allows the slow setters to achieve more long-lasting bonds.

3. Epoxy compatibility

There are numerous high straight epoxies but some are only specific to one material. The danger with using such epoxy is that golf shafts may be made of different materials and even if your golf shaft is said to be of a specific material, it could be just an alloy of metal for which a material-specific epoxy might not perfectly nail your repair needs.

4. High Tensile Strength Epoxy

You want a perfect epoxy offering a heavy-duty hold such that any golf swing or impact with the golf ball does not ruin your repair. You must therefore go for epoxies with high tensile strength and this review article proposes over 2500 PSI tensile straight as a great figure to achieve a strong and resistant bound.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Use Any Epoxy For Golf Clubs? Can You Use Regular Epoxy For Golf Clubs?

You CANNOT use any epoxy for golf clubs. You CAN use regular epoxy for golf clubs only if it qualifies for the following specifications:

  • High Tensile strength of over 2500 PSI
  • Extensive compatibility with metal, wood, and other materials
  • Sufficient cure time to enable a strong bond formation
  • Super durability and resistance to weather and physics.

2. Is Gorilla Epoxy Good For Golf Clubs?

Gorilla Epoxy is good for golf clubs. The reason gorilla is preferred for golf clubs is because of its Clear Repair, High 3300 PSI strength, Convenient syringe dispenser, Quick 6 Minute setting and being Perfect for large gaps.


Finally, we have learned that for you to wisely select what type of epoxy to use for golf clubs, you need to consider durability, curing time, compatibility, and high tensile strength. We trust that you found one or two of the Best Epoxy For Golf Shafts that you can use to repair your shaft so that you are ready for the next teeing-off session.

Happy Shopping!