5 Best Charcoal Grills Under $1000 2022

What are the best charcoal grills under $100?

The best charcoal grills under 1000 are the most significant tools to use for high-end grilling experiences. At this price range manufacturers’ caveats of poor quality build and limited functionality should not affect you. Whether you are a beginner setting out into grilling or a pro grilling hobbyist you will enjoy using your charcoal grill.

Best Charcoal Grills Under $1000

However, there are many charcoal grills on the market right now and it can be quite confusing to get the right one. In addition, simple product features do not produce exceptional results in sorting amongst all the best charcoal grills.

We, therefore, searched the web through other reviews of charcoal grills, tested some of the features in our SmartKitchenLine Hub and came up with this detailed review and buying guide.

In addition, recently we did a detailed article on Best Charcoal Grill Under $500.

Today we scale the price range up to $1000 in this review.

Reviews: Best Charcoal Grills Under $1000

1. Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic I Charcoal Grill, 18 inches, Blaze Red – BEST RATED


Highlighted Pros

✅Best Rated


✅Tight seal gasket

✅Exceptional heat efficiency

✅Smoke infused flavors

✅Top cast iron vent

✅Slide-out ashtray

✅Unbreakable Multi-piece firebox

✅Extended versatility

✅Wide cooking range

✅Built-in thermometer


X No accessories included

Kamado Joe Classic I is the best-rated charcoal grill under $1000. Kamado Joe Classic I is also the is the best charcoal grill for the money ($1,000).

Classic I is built off new grill innovations of having the grill shell so thick-walled that it perfectly resists heat and securely locks in moisture and smoke at any temperature. Aiding the smoke and moisture-tight seal is the felt gasket which perfectly aligns with the brim to avoid any escapes.

The most fundamental function of a grill is heat efficiency which the shell here achieves effortlessly to give you full temperature control.

In the end, the locking of moisture and smoke makes the grilled food have a smoke-infused flavor. 

Kamado Joe Classic I has a cast iron air vent that regulates airflow and is thus handy for precise temperature control.

The slide-out ashtray with a handle to pull and push makes cleaning easy even when grilling for long periods. Even other Kamado grills do not offer this functionality since you have to disassemble some parts to reach and clean the ashtray.

You can thus clean while grilling. It’s great when tools kill many birds with just a single stone.

Heat management is top-notch through the advanced multi-piece firebox that perfectly retains high temperatures while at the same time preventing breakage.

The key advantage is the extended versatility that this charcoal grill offers. Not only can you grill at different temperature ranges but can also divide your food and place them on different cooking surfaces as desired.

Adding to versatility, the grill is compatible with many accessories including  JoeTisserie, DoJoe accessories, and more.

It is the combination of a well-built charcoal grill, exceptional heat efficiency, and a great taste that makes this charcoal grill powerful and best rated for many charcoal grilling needs.

The grill has a wide cooking range smoking from smoking at 225F up to searing at 750F.

The grill has a built-in thermometer for an accurate temperature display to help you monitor the temperature inside the shell to suit your needs.

2. Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Touch-N-Go Gas Ignition System, Black



Highlighted Pros

✅Best Rated

✅Touch-N-Go Ignition System

✅Sufficient 363 sq. inches cooking

✅One-Touch Cleaning System

✅Innovative Ash Catcher

✅Removable LCD tIMER

✅Built-In thermometer

✅Express assembly

✅Precise dampers


X No accessories included

Weber 15501001 is the best-rated charcoal grill under $500. However, it remains an adorable choice especially even in the $1,000 pierce range. All the features here compete well with higher-end charcoal grills.

It is also possible to go for the version with the clover which gives the best value for money and preserves the appearance and functionality of your charcoal grill for a long time.

Weber 15501001 employs an easy-to-use Electronic Touch-N-Go ignition system. Although the propane tank required is not included in the package, this system simplifies ignition just with the push of a button.

Its lid and bowl have a diameter of 22 inches which creates a 363 sq. inches cooking area which is sufficient for a huge family and medium-sized party.

Weber 15501001 is easy to clean through its One-Touch cleaning system thanks to the aluminized steel.

In addition, the ash catcher has been innovatively designed to be removable for easy emptying, high capacity for long grilling periods, and made of easy-to-clean aluminum.

Weber 15501001 has top-notch modern user-friendliness with a removable LCD timer which allows for accurate grilling without overcooking or undercooking. The timer comes in handy when preheating the grill.

Besides, the built-in lid thermometer with a clear display allows you to open or close the lid as desired.

Grill assembly is straightforward and detailed. On the one hand, there are 3D interactive assembly instructions on the BILT app. On the other hand, Weber 15501001 comes with free expert assembly on select destinations.

The properly designed dampers allow you to control the heat precisely. When the dampers are opened, oxygen swiftly and effectively flows to aid in efficient combustion and when the dampers are completely closed, oxygen flow is blocked to extinguish charcoal.

3. PK Grills PK360 Outdoor Charcoal Grill and Smoker Combination, Silver




Highlighted Pros

✅4 Point Venting System

✅2 Zone grilling

✅User Friendly

✅Extra Durability

✅10-year protection from damage

✅Acuurate heat management

✅Included thermometer

✅Special grilling features



X Other color variations not available currently

PK360 is an elegantly built charcoal grill offering a 4 point venting system rather than the ordinary two-point system or less-premium grills. The result is superb excellence in achieving hot and fast grilling and low and slow bbq.

The unique capsule shape is user-friendly and simplifies the setup and delivery and transport of the grill.

PK360 offers extra grill-grade durability. The premium aluminum construction is responsible for anti-rust capability and excellently resists corrosion. In addition, the aluminum build is more long-lasting than steel and porcelain constructions.

PK360 coupled with the 10-year protection from damage from ordinary use equals a charcoal grill you can trust for a long time.

The real advantage comes with accurate temperature management. The aluminum making up the capsule is thick and efficiently conducts heat to create a 2 zone grilling setup that extends versatility and increases the quality of grilled food.

PK360 offers great portability allowing the charcoal grill to be delivered, transported, or stored comfortably. To this effect, the grill smoothly detaches from its stand and is thus great for campsites, beach parties, wild hunts, and more.

PK360 is easy to clean with its uniquely designed ash chamber which eases cleaning and disposal.

PK360 includes an accurate Tel-Tru thermometer which is ideal in monitoring the interior temperature of the capsule to avoid overcooking or undercooking your food.

The premium feel and value for your money are experienced with the inclusion of special features such as the accessory bar, release hinges, and stabilizer hooks.

4. Dyna-Glo DGN576SNC-D Dual Zone Premium Charcoal Grill, X-Large, Stainless



Highlighted Pros

✅Extra-large cooking area

✅576 square inches primary cooking area

✅240 square inches secondary cooking area



✅Easy to clean

✅For large parties


X Requires more charcoal and only economical for large groups

Dyna-Glo Dual is yet another amazing charcoal grill under $1,000.

The biggest advantage of Dyna-Glo Dual is the extra-large cooking surface offered here. The grill has a total cooking area of 816 square inches.

This consists of 576 square inches of the primary cooking area which is even larger than many of the charcoal grills in the market right now.

The secondary cooking area offers an additional cooking area of 240 square inches.

Dyna-Glo Dual can therefore host a large extended family and house a big party. Space is generously available and can contain the majority of large grillable steaks and food.

There’s also a versatility and portability feature where the grill has a firebox divider that lets you choose if you want to proceed with the single cooking zone or grill on both the primary and secondary cooking zones.

5. Char-Griller 6020 AKORN Kamado Charcoal Ceramic Grill, Black



Highlighted Pros

✅Sufficient 465 square inches cooking area

✅Folding shelves


✅Easy to dump ash pan

✅Dual damper system

✅Hinged lid

✅Durable cooking grates

✅Free expert assembly

Our final recommendation is Char-Griller 6020 which is a medium-sized charcoal grill with a total cooking area of 465 square inches. Out of this area, 324 square inches form the primary cook area while 141 square inches is the secondary cook area.

Char-Griller 6020 has folding shelves which aid in portability and even when the charcoal grill is being stored. By consuming less space after folding you smoothen the processes of moving and storing.

Char-Griller 6020 has a cooking diameter of 20” which is sufficient for large groups. Although not as large as that of Dyna-Glo Dual, Char-Griller 6020 is an excellent choice when targeting relatively large groups.

Char-Griller 6020 has an easy dump ash pan to allow you to empty and clean your grill. The ash pan is easy to eject and does not hold too hard to the body of the grill.

The dual damper control allows you to achieve top-notch heat management from both sides such that your meat grills efficiently whether you want a fast or slow cook.

Char-Griller 6020 has a hinged lid which is great to prop the lid against a pole as you tend to charcoal or food.

Char-Griller 6020 comes with porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates which are super durable and offer great corrosion and rust resistance.

Buying Guide: Best Charcoal Grills Under $1000

1. What is the Best Charcoal Grill for the Money ($1000)

$1,000 is quite a significant budget for a charcoal grill. By setting aside $1,000 for your charcoal grill you should watch out for the best premium features that you can get for the price.

At this price range you are not looking for ordinary grilling functions but a solid well-built grill that may offer extraordinary grilling features or a package that includes handy accessories for your grilling needs.

Also, you have to be clear if the $1,000 is for your entire grilling budget or you just want to spend a portion of the $1,000 for your grill and the rest on all the tools you will need.

2. Grill Assembly

Grill assembly may be confusing at times. However, some features like detailed manual instructions, 3D interactive assembly instructions, and the availability of expert assembly all give a smooth assembly experience.

It is therefore beneficial to watch out for these options especially for beginners who have not put up a new grill before.

Also, you do not want to risk too much on a $1,000 charcoal grill.#

3. Grill capacity

The majority of grills in this price range are large and will be enough for medium-size families to small and large parties.

You should however watch for compact sizes which are for smaller groups and accept them if desired and reject them if not desired.

4. Grill Durability

You are spending $1000 on a grill because you want a super quality and grill that will withstand normal grilling use. In this regard, you should go for charcoal grills that are easy to use, rust and corrosion resistant, and that does not peel or break depending on the build, reviews, and materials used.


In conclusion, we hope that you find grills that suit your needs and that fall on our list of the Best Charcoal Grills Under 1000. The key thing is to keenly investigate Grill capacity, Grill durability, Budget, and Grill Assembly. In the end, you will not only have a premium-built charcoal grill but your grilling experience will be everlasting.

Happy Shopping!