10 Best Charcoal Grill Under $500 2022

What is the best charcoal grill under 500? How do you select the best charcoal grills under 500?

The Best Charcoal Grills Under $500 plays a significant role in giving you a wonderful grilling expereince for the money. It is with such grills that you can economically plan for your grilling recipes without breaking the bank while at the same time enjoying some of the best grilled foods.


best charcoal grill under 500

There are thousands of grills available and we have to peruse the web for dozens of reviews and our editors and reviewers managed to put up a well-written article for you to consume quickly.

Whether you are a beginner or pro in grilling or want to be transp[orting your grill and more options, you are in the right place.

Reviews: Best Charcoal Grills Under $500

1. Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Touch-N-Go Gas Ignition System, BlackBEST RATED


Highlighted Pros

✅Best Rated

✅Touch-N-Go Ignition System

Sufficient 363 sq. inches cooking

One-Touch Cleaning System

Innovative Ash Catcher

Removable LCD tIMER

Built-In thermometer

Express assembly

Precise dampers


X Not available in a compact design

Weber 15501001 is the best-rated charcoal grill under $500. Weber 15501001 is also the best charcoal grill for the money ($1,000).

Weber 15501001 employs an easy-to-use Electronic Touch-N-Go ignition system. Although the propane tank required is not included in the package, this system saves simplifies ignition just with the push of a button.

Its lid and bowl have a diameter of 22 inches which creates a 363 sq. inches cooking area which is sufficient for a huge family and medium-sized party.

Weber 15501001 is easy to clean through its One-Touch cleaning system thanks to the aluminized steel.

In addition, the ash catcher has been innovatively designed to be removable for easy emptying, high capacity for long grilling periods, and made of easy-to-clean aluminum.

Weber 15501001 has top-notch modern user-friendliness with a removable LCD timer which allows for accurate grilling without overcooking or undercooking. The timer comes in handy when preheating the grill.

Besides, the built-in lid thermometer with a clear display allows you to open or close the lid as desired.

Grill assembly is straightforward and detailed. On the one hand, there are 3D interactive assembly instructions on the BILT app. On the other hand, Weber 15501001 comes with free expert assembly on select destinations.

The properly designed dampers allow you to control the heat precisely. When the dampers are opened, oxygen swiftly and effectively flows to aid in efficient combustion and when the dampers are completely closed, oxygen flow is blocked to extinguish charcoal.

2. Weber 14407001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Green


Highlighted Pros

✅Available in green, black, and copper

✅Sufficient grilling space

✅One-Touch Cleaning System

✅Perfect Heat Retention

✅Hinged Grate

✅Detailed assembly Instructions


X Stiff assembly parts that may require more than 2 hands

Weber 14407001 is available in three colors black, copper, and green. This gives you options if you want to be colorful or want the grill color to blend with your grilling space environs.

Weber 14407001has sufficient grilling space comfortably accommodating up to 13 burgers. This space is adequate for a large family and a small party.

Weber 14407001also employs the One-Touch cleaning system which employs a high-capacity ash catcher which is easy to clean.

The lid and bowl are covered with porcelain which not only aids in maintaining efficient heat retention but also perfectly resists rusting and peeling off.

The lid hook comes in handy to suspend your lid when not grilling while the thermometer accurately measures the interior temperature to help you regulate the dampers.

Weber 14407001has a hinged grate which is convenient in allowing you to add more charcoal while you grill.

Just like other Weber charcoal grills, Weber 14407001 avails of 3D interactive instructions through the BILT app.

3. Kamado Joe Jr. KJ13RH Charcoal Grill 13.5 inch Blaze Red


Highlighted Pros

✅Compact and Portable

✅High-Quality Stand

✅Thick-walled bowl

✅Cast Iron Air Vent

✅Built-In Temperature Gauge

✅Stainless Steel Gauge


X Not for large groups

Kamado Joe Jr. is a charcoal grill with a compact size and under $500 in the Kamado Joe Grill series.

The biggest advantage of a compact model is its portability during transport and storage.

Kamado Joe Jr. rests on a stand made from a high-quality stand for stability and is thus ideal for uneven ground in the backyard.

Kamado Joe Jr. is thick-walled to retain heat and ensure maximum efficient conductivity to save charcoal and ensure fully cooked food. The advantage of this shell is the capability to lock in smoke and moisture at any temperature.

Kamado Joe Jr. also has a handy cast-iron air vent for temperature control. Whether you want to coon fast and hot or slow and warm or anything in between, you are covered.

In addition, the grill has a Built-In Temp Gauge which clearly displays the interior temperature.

Kamado Joe Jr. has a stainless steel cooking grate which makes it easy for cleaning giving the rust and corrosion resistance it offers.

4. Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 Rambler Portable Charcoal Grill, Black & Blacksmith 2pc Tool Set


Highlighted Pros

✅Heavy Duty Grill

✅Thick Cast Iron Cooking Grate

✅Height-adjustable charcoal tray

✅A Steady vertical neck design

✅Tongs and spatula included

✅Rivetted  stable handle


X Only available in black

Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 is a heavy-duty grill made from high-quality steel. It’s a charcoal grill whose durability you can trust for a long time.

The advantage here is the thick cast iron cooking grate which consistently and evenly distributes heat to your food to create a perfect sear and amazing taste.

Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 has a height-adjustable charcoal tray so that you can choose whether to cook low and slow or to cook fast and any mode in between.

Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 has a vertical neck design for steady stance and superior posture in the backyard, campsite, and on many common grounds.

The grill comes with handy accessories namely tongs and spatula which are signature grilling tools. It is beneficial when the grill comes with additional tools. At SmartKitchenLine we appreciate situations where we can kill several birds with just a single stone.

Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 has a stable handle since it is riveted and full-tang to make sure transport and grilling are safe experiences.

5. Char-Griller E6520 Akorn Kamado Cart, Ash Charcoal Grill


Highlighted Pros

✅Adjustable Top Damper

✅Well-built bottom damper

✅Easy cleaning

✅Convenient Cart Design

✅Extra Durable

✅Convenient Lower Storage Rack


X Has a Plastic Top

Char-Griller E6520 has a handy Adjustable Top Damper responsible for effectively maintaining airflow while at the same time controlling temperature alongside an accurate built-in temperature gauge.

In addition, the well-built bottom damper works with the top damper to ensure all-around effective airflow. In the end, your grilling experience has slow smoke and high heat for faster cooking.

For quick and easy cleaning after grilling sessions, Char-Griller E6520 has an easy-to-use dump ash pan.

Char-Griller E6520 employs a Convenient Cart Design that creates room for food preparation.

Char-Griller E6520 is a durable charcoal grill made of tubular steel construction giving a steady grill for your backyard or campsite.

Char-Griller E6520 Lower Storage Rack comes in handy when storing briquettes, spatulas, and any tools or food you will need to grill.

6. PK Grills SSB-X Original PKTX Outdoor Portable Aluminum Charcoal Grill and Smoker – BEST PORTABLE


Highlighted Pros

✅Long-lasting durability

✅Maintains consistent heat

✅Resists heat and corrosion



X Requires charcoal basket if you need a simple cleaning experience

PK Grills SSB-X Original is made of aluminum to not only provide long-lasting durability but also an air-tight seal to maintain optimal grilling temperature between 180-750 degrees F.
Aluminum efficiently conducts heat throughout the capsule to aid in even cooking and efficient use of charcoal. In the end, you achieve a hotter grill with minimal charcoal consumption.

The aluminum construction also perfectly resists rust and corrosion ensuring an extra durable grill.

Coupling the aluminum build, its 4-point system provides effective airflow inside the grill capsule to maintain consistent heat — an exercise that’s not obvious in ordinary charcoal grills.

PK Grills SSB-X folds its two stands to form a portable grill that can be dragged like a suitcase.

7. Char-Broil 140756 Kettleman Charcoal Barbecue Grill, Black Finish.


Highlighted Pros

✅Supersize damper

✅Hinged Lid

✅Accurate Temperature Gauge

✅Heavy-Duty Legs

✅Ash Tight Bowl


X Not Foldable

Char-Broil 140756 is yet another interesting charcoal grill under $500. 

The biggest advantage is the extra-large damper which is easy to open and close so as to let heat out or increase cooking temperature.

Char-Broil 140756 has a hinged lid that allows you to effortlessly prop the grill lid open while attending to both your charcoal or food with both hands.

Char-Broil 140756 has an accurate temperature gauge that monitors the interior temperature of your grill. You can thus avoid problems with undercooking or overcooking food.

Char-Broil 140756 stands on heavy-duty legs made of steel which provides a stable stance from where you can comfortably cook in your backyard.

Char-Broil 140756 has an ash tight bowl that is easily accessible and that perfectly fits at the bottom of the grill to capture and securely contain ash.

Char-Broil 140756 walks on cartwheels which makes it easy to move the grill around the backyard or patio.

8. Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker, MB20040220, Black – BEST SMART CHARCOAL GRILL


Highlighted Pros

✅Smart Grill with Bluetooth and WiFi

✅Extra Large 560 sq. in 

✅Rapid and efficient heating

✅Reversible High quality cast iron sear and grill grates

✅Meat probe thermometer


X Control App requires more development

Masterbuilt 560 is the best smart charcoal grill under $500. The inclusion of Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities to allow you to control parameters; temperature and cooking time, on your grill from your smartphone makes it a future-proof and trendy tool.

Masterbuilt 560 is an extra-large charcoal grill with 560 square inches of cooking area. This area translates to 21 burgers, 8 full chicken, or 37 smokies.

Masterbuilt 560 offers extensive snake and sear versatility. Within 13 minutes you can achieve 770 degrees F to grill + sears while within 7 minutes you can do low and slow smoking.

Also, the sear and smoke grates are made of high-quality cast iron and are reversible.

The key advantage of Masterbuilt 560 is the precision it gives to temperature control. One there is a Digital Fan for precise temperature control for your needs. Two, there is a temperature gauge to accurately display the temperature status of the interior of the grill. Three, Masterbuilt 560 has a meat probe thermometer which gives an indication of the heat spread and cooking status of the meat.

The porcelain-coated racks are grill-grade durable and offer excellent functionality for a long time without rusting or corrosion.

9. Royal Gourmet CD1824AX 24-Inch Charcoal Grill Outdoor BBQ Smoker Picnic Camping Patio Backyard Cooking, Black – BEST EXTRA LARGE


Highlighted Pros

✅Extra Large 598 sq. inch cooking area

✅Excellent heat control and cooking flexibility

✅Easy access to coal

✅Two side dampers

✅Smokestack with adjustable cap

✅Inbuilt Temperature Gauge


X Not a portable grill

Royal Gourmet CD1824AX is the best extra large charcoal grill under 500.

With a total of 598 sq. in made up of 393.3 sq. in of the steel wire cooking rack and the 204.6 sq. in of the warming rack.

Royal Gourmet CD1824AX offers excellent heat control and cooking flexibility. With its 6-level charcoal pan adjustment system,  you can easily lift the charcoal pan which has holes for excellent airflow.

It is easy to tend to coals or add coals through the easily accessible front door that has a cool-touch spring handle.  This makes stoking and adding coal a safe exercise.

Royal Gourmet CD1824AX has the perfect air circulation owing to its two side dampers whose design allows for maximum and efficient airflow plus excellent temperature control.

In addition, Royal Gourmet CD1824AX is built with a smokestack that has an adjustable cap that even provides additional airflow.

Also included is an inbuilt temperature gauge that monitors temperature in real-time.

10. Char-Griller 5030 2-Burner Gas & Charcoal Grill Dual Function, Black – LARGEST


Highlighted Pros

✅Super Extra Large Capacity

Easy dump Ash Can


Resists rusting and corrosion

Side Firebox Copatibe


X No compact model available

Char-Griller 5030 is the largest charcoal under $500 with a total cooking area of 870 sq. inches.

Char-Griller 5030 employs an Easy dump ash pan to ensure hassle-free cleaning.

The grill has porcelain-coated cast-iron grates which are durable and perfectly resist rusting and corrosion for a long time. In addition, the steel construction offers a steady stance and a solid build.

Char-Griller 5030 sides firebox compatible.

It is possible to adjust the height of the grate to near or far as desired by the griller.

The temperature gauge is handy in monitoring temperature while the powder coating finish gives improves its aesthetics and contributes to its durability.

Buying Guide: Best Charcoal Grills Under 500

1. Grill Capacity

Depending on the size of the party or family, you will need different grill capacities. If you are only planning to grill for 5 to a dozen people then you should look for a grill with a cooking area of about 400 sq. inches.

If you are planning to grill for a larger group, then a bigger grill is recommended.

2. What is the Best Charcoal Grill For The Money ($500)

If you have a grill budget of $500 you need to be clear if the amount covers the entire grill experience and accessories or you only want to spend $500 on the grill alone.

If you plan on spending $500 on the grill alone, it is beneficial to select grills with high-end features that push the price around $500.

On the other hand, if you wish that the grill should only take up a section of the $500 then you should select an economical charcoal grill that still suits your specific needs for the price.

3. Grill Durability?

Most likely you will not be buying a grill every month. The grill you select should offer premium built quality, have anti-rust material, and resist peeling off and fading over time.

This way, your grill remains aesthetically pleasing and fully functional for a long time.

4. Ease of Use

You need a charcoal grill that you can use regardless of the stage of your grilling expereince.

Whether it’s assembly, cleaning, maintenance, or the actual grilling, the mechanisms involved should be simple to understand and execute without much hassle.

5. Portability

Sometimes you want to carry your grill in your car or you just want to store the grill in a small area in your backyard. A portable, lightweight, or foldable charcoal grill is essential for this experience.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a Weber charcoal BBQ worth it?

A Weber charcoal BBQ is worth it.

Weber carefully crafts their charcoal grills to ensure great aesthetic and functional quality. In addition, Weber charcoal grills have 3D interactive instructions which assist in assembly. Also, the durability is top-notch to offer you a longstanding grilling experience.

2. Is charcoal BBQ better than gas?

Charcoal BBQ is better than gas.

Charcoal BBQ is hotter than gas allowing food to be served hot without cooling quickly. Charcoal BBQ has a smokier flavor than gas owing to the nature of the fuel. Charcoal BBQ is cheaper to produce than gas.


Finally, we hope that you gained value from our detailed review and guide above. To perfectly select the best charcoal grill under 500, you will need to consider grill durability, ease of use, grill capacity, portability, and your budget ($500).

We are confident that 1 or 2 of the above reviews will give you a heads-up in your purchase.

Happy Shopping!